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Blog - Post List
    • Wed, Nov 29 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Build 1710 –Run Task Sequence (Preview Feature)

    In ConfigMgr Build 1710, the Run Task Sequence step feature has entered pre-release. Pre-release as a ‘term’ needs some definition. Pre-release means a feature is fit for production use and has been well tested by Microsoft, has Microsoft Support fully behind it, but its a feature that is still being fleshed out, has a low customer uptake and thus a narrow telemetry surface. If things go wrong with a Pre-release...
    • Tue, Nov 28 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Build 1710 now GA

    ConfigMgr with its servicing channel certainly moves fast now, a feature-laden Build 1710 just released and should be showing up in your Console. Peer Cache is no longer a pre-release feature (Yay!) Surface Driver Management is no longer a pre ...read more
    • Mon, Nov 27 2017

    Peter Egerton: In telemetry we trust?

    Telemetry is one of those things that tends to divide a room. On one hand it’s productive and accurate feedback for your product of choice and on the other hand it’s big brother spying on what you’re doing in that product. I wanted to share a recent experience with you based on my recent upgrade of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to the recent 1710 release as it may make you change your mind. The...
    • Tue, Nov 21 2017

    Peter Egerton: Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1711 - What’s new?

    So last Thursday 16th November the guys at Microsoft released the next version of Configuration Manager Technical Preview. This was a slightly different release as they were assisted in pushing the big red button by a number of MVPs and special invite attendees who were in Redmond for the week for a mini-summit. I’m pleased to say that friend and long-time WMUG’r Robert Marshall was in amongst the crowd and if you look...
    • Mon, Nov 20 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: My new Blog

    I thought I’d try and carve out a space for my own personal blog, and move it off of the WMUG platform. I’ll setup my WMUG  Blog so that it consume this blog from here, and I’ll stop posting there after what, 10 years, has been a real ...read more
    • Mon, Nov 20 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Visualising ConfigMgr Site Servicing from a unique perspective for fun

    My DA was broken last week, so while away at the MVP 2017 SCCM Hackathon Summit, I couldn’t nudge my lab server to upgrade to the latest Technical Preview, Build 1711 shortly after Jörgen Nilsson and Kim Oppalfens clicked the button to re...
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017

    Peter Egerton: Windows AutoPilot demo

    I’ve been playing around with Windows Autopilot recently and so I decided to do another video showing you a run through of the process involved in using this new technology from Microsoft. There are a few pre-requisites you will need in place before you can fly with this (sorry ) Microsoft Windows 10 1703 or higher A device with Windows 10 installed – I used a VM in this demo Microsoft Azure Premium (P1 or P2) Microsoft...
    • Wed, Nov 1 2017

    Peter Egerton: Setting up the OMS Connector in SCCM – Follow up video

    I recently presented at WMUG on this in what was a fairly short session and I also talked about this at Experts Live Europe back in August. Things change frequently in the SCCM world nowadays so I’ve added a video as an accompaniment to my previous speaking sessions and blog posts. This takes you just through the pre-reqs and set up for connecting SCCM and OMS together. Keep an eye out for further blogs, videos etc on...
    • Fri, Oct 27 2017

    Peter Egerton: Microsoft Intune Troubleshooting Portal

    As detailed on the Microsoft EM+S blog yesterday, Microsoft have now added a new and improved troubleshooting feature to the Microsoft Intune portal. https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2017/10/26/intunes-new-troubleshooting-portal-ma...
    • Wed, Oct 11 2017

    Peter Egerton: October 2017 Delta patch problem - WSUS/SCCM

    A quick off the cuff post this one. There has been a lot of talk today on the twittersphere about a rogue patch affecting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. It basically stems from the delta updates detailed in this article. https://docs.microsoft.c...
    • Thu, Sep 21 2017

    Peter Egerton: Connecting Configuration Manager 1706 to OMS

    This post follows on from a speaking session I did with Sam Erksine recently at Experts Live Europe in Berlin. A great event by the way if you ever get the chance to attend. In that session I demonstrated how to perform all the necessary pre-reqs and...
    • Sat, Aug 12 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr and Branding Devices

    When it comes to identifying what department a device belongs too, it can either be easy or beyond complicated. For some it is a simple case of relying on a well-organised Active Directory Site layout, or Organisational Unit structure, but for other...
    • Mon, Jul 3 2017

    Paul Winstanley: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award [MVP]

    I was truly honoured to receive an email on Saturday telling me that I had been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award in Enterprise Mobility. It’s something I didn’t set out to achieve when I started the SCCMentor b...
    • Wed, Jun 14 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: SQLAlwaysOn and SCCM

    Thought I’d give one of the new features in ConfigMgr Technical Preview build 1705 called Improvements for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups a walk through, so that I could soak up all the SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group and Windows Serve...
    • Fri, May 26 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr MP Replica–Client Registration a bit wonky– Great news and Good news

    Couple weeks back I mentioned that Client Registration is broken for Management Point Replicas . I escalated it up to the product group and the great news is that it looks likely to be fixed at the next current branch hotfix rollup for 1...
    • Thu, May 11 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr MP Replica–Client Registration a bit wonky

    Had a customer reporting issues with client registration when devices use Management Point Replicas . Had a look around and discovered that MP Replica’s are not processing brand new Client Registrations. You’ll see the issue manifesting in...
    • Wed, May 10 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: User Voice: Trusted Source location

    This is an idea of the highest order! It deserves to get the "Most votes ever on User Voice" due to its utter brilliance! Joking aside, quite a helpful feature if we can get it implemented. Man up, click here, apply a vote! User Voice: Trusted Source Locations - Complete the trusted source story
    • Thu, May 4 2017

    Paul Winstanley: Changes to Power BI Free are coming on 1 June 2017.

    There's been a lot of interest in the Power BI dashboard and ConfigMgr template since I published a blog post about it on the SCCMentor website back in March. A presentation I ran at the last WMUG event generated even more discussion about the tool. One of the great features of the product is the ability to share out your dashboards to your Office 365 users with the click of a few buttons and you only needed access...
    • Thu, Apr 20 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: LogLauncher 3.5–In development

    LogLauncher is back in the development dry-dock for a refitting, no small change indeed, as I’m adding in a feature request from Zeng (Sandy) , the ability to scan as many devices as you want, and see them in the navigation tree on the left so you can hop around them removing the need to open several LogLauncher processes to accomplish the same result, something like this working code example: Fortunately the code-base...
    • Sat, Apr 15 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Issue with upgrading ConfigMgr Current Branch Build

    Was onsite with a customer recently, and had failure trying to upgrade their Build 1610 Current Branch Hierarchy to Build 1702. The problem was being reported in the SMS_DMP_Downloader log as follows: Download redist for update 0fb0a697-662d-45c2-a96c-8c95e5944df7 SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 05-Apr-17 12:42:14 PM 19500 (0x4C2C) ERROR: Failed to download redist for 0fb0a697-662d-45c2-a96c-8c95e5944df7 with command /RedistUrl http...
    • Sun, Apr 2 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr and Supported Platforms

    Things turn over so rapidly now, it would seem, and as we iterate forwards with new releases of ConfigMgr using the Servicing channel, we suddenly get hit with an announcement that support for something important or at least popular has been dropped, making us feel that things are moving too quickly, after a pace that hasn’t changed much for a decade. The following comes from the What’s new in Version 1702 documentation...
    • Sun, Apr 2 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr–Software Update Point Affinity

    There are quite a few cool features in the Build 1702 release of System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch, the one I’m going to go over here is the feature that gives Software Update Points Boundary Group-awareness , or boundary affinity. This complements the already boundary group-aware Distribution Point, Management Point and State Migration Point roles, and with this introduction, we finally have usage control...
    • Tue, Mar 28 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Optimise ConfigMgr Client Deployment using BranchCache

    An overlooked part of content management for ConfigMgr / SCCM is Client Deployment and Client Upgrade. This is mostly because, organisations hardly feel the hit of pushing out the ConfigMgr client for the first time, or when updating the client to a higher version, having well-connected sites and fast and wide communication paths to most of the network. I’ve witnessed many times a Client Push take place to a high density...
    • Sat, Mar 25 2017

    Paul Winstanley: Book review: Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook – Second Edition

    I've started a new series of posts on the SCCMentor website to review some of the best ConfigMgr books that are out on the market. I thought it would be worth presenting these reviews on the WMUG website. In the first of the series I take a look at the second edition of the Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook. The book is authored by MVP Nicolai Henriksen, a ConfigMgr and , back in the day, SMS...
    • Sun, Mar 5 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Running up a test environment for Intune and ConfigMgr Current Branch or Technical Preview

    I setup Intune quite a lot for Intune Hybrid POC’s, and I thought I’d run off a simple guide for those that want to spin this stuff up in their own lab at home. The goal of this guide is to get it running so you can tinker with the features available through Mobile Device Management (MDM), this isn’t a guide on how to get Intune and ConfigMgr setup for a production environment, and it falls short of covering what you...