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    • Sat, Apr 15 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Issue with upgrading ConfigMgr Current Branch Build

    Was onsite with a customer recently, and had failure trying to upgrade their Build 1610 Current Branch Hierarchy to Build 1702. The problem was being reported in the SMS_DMP_Downloader log as follows: Download redist for update 0fb0a697-662d-45c2-a96c-8c95e5944df7 SMS_DMP_DOWNLOADER 05-Apr-17 12:42:14 PM 19500 (0x4C2C) ERROR: Failed to download redist for 0fb0a697-662d-45c2-a96c-8c95e5944df7 with command /RedistUrl http...
    • Sun, Apr 2 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr and Supported Platforms

    Things turn over so rapidly now, it would seem, and as we iterate forwards with new releases of ConfigMgr using the Servicing channel, we suddenly get hit with an announcement that support for something important or at least popular has been dropped, making us feel that things are moving too quickly, after a pace that hasn’t changed much for a decade. The following comes from the What’s new in Version 1702 documentation...
    • Sun, Apr 2 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr–Software Update Point Affinity

    There are quite a few cool features in the Build 1702 release of System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch, the one I’m going to go over here is the feature that gives Software Update Points Boundary Group-awareness , or boundary affinity. This complements the already boundary group-aware Distribution Point, Management Point and State Migration Point roles, and with this introduction, we finally have usage control...
    • Tue, Mar 28 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Optimise ConfigMgr Client Deployment using BranchCache

    An overlooked part of content management for ConfigMgr / SCCM is Client Deployment and Client Upgrade. This is mostly because, organisations hardly feel the hit of pushing out the ConfigMgr client for the first time, or when updating the client to a higher version, having well-connected sites and fast and wide communication paths to most of the network. I’ve witnessed many times a Client Push take place to a high density...
    • Sat, Mar 25 2017

    Paul Winstanley: Book review: Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook – Second Edition

    I've started a new series of posts on the SCCMentor website to review some of the best ConfigMgr books that are out on the market. I thought it would be worth presenting these reviews on the WMUG website. In the first of the series I take a look at the second edition of the Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Cookbook. The book is authored by MVP Nicolai Henriksen, a ConfigMgr and , back in the day, SMS...
    • Sun, Mar 5 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Running up a test environment for Intune and ConfigMgr Current Branch or Technical Preview

    I setup Intune quite a lot for Intune Hybrid POC’s, and I thought I’d run off a simple guide for those that want to spin this stuff up in their own lab at home. The goal of this guide is to get it running so you can tinker with the features available through Mobile Device Management (MDM), this isn’t a guide on how to get Intune and ConfigMgr setup for a production environment, and it falls short of covering what you...
    • Tue, Feb 28 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr / SCCM CB Build1610 Hotfix 4010155

    The ConfigMgr team just released a hotfix rollup for ConfigMgr Current Branch Build 1610, KB4010155. (28/02/2017) Lots of little changes, worth reading the list in the KB Update rollup for System Center Configuration Manager current branch, version 1610 Key for those of you that have Management Point Replica’s in place, the SPROC is fixed
    • Mon, Feb 27 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Technical Preview Build 1702

    Hot off the press comes Build 1702 for ConfigMgr Technical Preview! Announcement https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2017/02/27/update-1702-for-configuration-manager-technical-preview-branch-available-now/ Documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/get-started/capabilities-in-technical-preview-1702 Try It https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-system-center-configuration-manager...
    • Thu, Feb 23 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: LogLauncher 3.1

    I’ve released a point release for LogLauncher, it contains the following: Custom Locations now works on remote scans, instead of just local scans Progressive search implemented in the Log View, begin typing the log name to see it Monitoring in progress notifications introduced, red text in bottom left and applications title bar text changed to alert that monitoring it taking place The Product or Category being monitored...
    • Mon, Feb 20 2017

    Robert - ConfigMgr: LogLauncher V3.0

    A lot of my free time of late has been going into many things, one of which was redoing LogLauncher with modern ribbon look, and adding in some much needed functionality. Just a moment ago I updated the TechNet Gallery with V3.0, here’s what it looks like now: It has some strong features: Get at all ConfigMgr\SCCM logs easily, quickly Visualise changes to SCCM\ConfigMgr logs over time using the monitoring feature Open...
    • Mon, Jan 23 2017

    Peter Egerton: Cloud Management Gateway in Azure CSP **UPDATED 21/04/17**

    In Configuration Manager Current Branch v1610 Microsoft released one specific feature (previously available in tech preview) called the Cloud Management Gateway. To summarise, this offers an alternative solution to internet based client management ut...
    • Mon, Jan 23 2017

    Peter Egerton: All change!

    They say the only constant in IT is change. It’s fair to say it’s been a little while since I last did any significant writing or presenting and a lot has changed in my world since then but here I am alive and kicking and getting back into the swing of the IT community again. Where have I been? Just taking time out really, I probably last surfaced somewhere around August 2016 when I was at System Center Europe in Berlin...
    • Tue, Dec 27 2016

    Paul Winstanley: Run Citrix Receiver on a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

    The Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 are running with enough power to act as a 'thin client' device to connect to a Citrix environment via a specific release of the Citrix Receiver. This blog post takes you through the basic steps to get you installed an...
    • Sun, Dec 18 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1612–Features–Recognise Deployment-blocking executables

    I needed a brief moment to think of a suitable way to describe the feature for this posts title, as its pre-release name is Prevent installation of an application if a specified program is running , not as catchy as its in-console name of Installer Handling , which I decided not to use as it isn’t descriptive enough, and may not be the final name for the feature, and decided upon Recognise Deployment-blocking executables...
    • Sun, Dec 11 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Another “life made easy” tool

    Finished up coding Version 2 of the Log Launcher in readiness for a weekend release. Weekends are not the best time to release tools I’ve found, but heck why sit on it a whole weekend waiting for Monday I wrote this tool for the ...
    • Thu, Nov 3 2016

    Paul Winstanley: Slow Start Menu and unresponsive Search in Windows 10 - VMWare

    I thought it would be worth popping this into a blog post as I spent many hours recently troubleshooting problems with the Windows 10 Start Menu and Search bar in a Citrix PVS environment. In some instances the Start Menu was slow to load up or other...
    • Sun, Oct 16 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Current Branch and Long Term Servicing Branch–LTSB or not to LTSB

    Put simply, literally just a handful of customers will be opting to install System Center Configuration Manager Long-Term Service Branch. For 99% of the rest of us, Current Branch is the install base that should be chosen. It’s where the action is at. A recent Enterprise Mobility blog post on TechNet Blogs, described the Current Branch (CB) and Long-Term Service Branch (LTSB) ‘servicing’ models: If I was to have to distil...
    • Fri, Sep 30 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Boundary Groups revisited

    System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview Build 1609 was just released, and one of the most exciting enhancements, as an architect, is the redefinition of how a Boundary Group behaves. Note that there is a bug with Boundary Groups ...
    • Tue, Sep 20 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Port Checker–CheckPort

    Finding that I often do quick port tests related to ConfigMgr installations @ customer sites, and my traditional approach was to use TELNET and NETSTAT together, checking for ports marked as SYN (no synchronisation packet came back) as an indicator that the port is blocked or not being listened on, so I thought, why don’t I write a new (extensible) Tcp port checker to do the job for me. Falling back to the classic Tcp...
    • Tue, Aug 23 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1608 – Bag of awesomeness

    Hey you! ConfigMgr Current Branch Technical Preview build 1608 has released . I highly recommend building a lab VM to host a technical preview build, seeketh out a guide from Niall Brady and others on how to setup the Technical Preview, having one so you can check out impending features is the way to be super cool and be up on the latest product developments. Here’s a run down of the features available for tire kicking...
    • Mon, Aug 8 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: ConfigMgr and the Cloud Proxy Point

    Technical Preview 5 using Build 1606 or 1607 let's you play around with the new Cloud Proxy feature, and I thought I’d run up a guide on this awesome feature to help others reach out to play with it a bit more easily, as it is a very enabling architectural element for us to have in the design toolkit and worth checking out. I found the release notes to be a little short on a few details when I got this guide underway...
    • Sat, Aug 6 2016

    Paul Winstanley: Running Ubuntu and Bash on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update allows you to run Ubuntu and the Bash shell. This is an optional feature and is switched on via Windows features. Once enabled you'll need to restart your device. You'll then be able to search for bash. a...
    • Sun, Jul 31 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: Push-based Replica Management Point

    I decided a while back that when I finally set about to publically document the pathway to enable a new type of Replica Management Point in ConfigMgr, that I wouldn’t go into much detail explaining what a Replica Management Point is, or ...
    • Thu, Jul 14 2016

    Robert - ConfigMgr: I Am Back!

    After a long holiday away from blogging, I am back! Over the next few months I plan on overviewing all the cool Technical Preview features, as well as rocking on back to Current Branch to kick the tyres on the super awesome functionality that is bundled. One technology I haven’t covered much outside of work is Intune. I’m really liking how that technology is progressing, and I plan on pushing out a few posts over the...
    • Tue, Jun 21 2016

    Peter Egerton: Update 1606 for Configuration Manager Tech Preview

    Update 1606 for Configuration Manager Tech Preview is now available through the Updates and Servicing node of your Configuration Manager Technical Preview installation. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/06/20/update-1606-for-configuration-manager-technical-preview-available-now ConfigMgr as a managed installer with Device Guard ( https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/06...