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Scripts and Code
A place for all your handy Management scripts of pieces of code that you want to share with the community
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  • File: Manage Local Group membership

    A simple script to remove a User or Group from a machines Local Group, and replace it with a domain User or Group. The script can be tweaked so that you can point it at remote machines, but it has been designed to run locally on a machine. Ideally this should be deployed using SMS. As it stands...
  • File: Set SDK Site Control File Serial Number

    A VBScript that will obtain the current value of the SDK Site Control File Serial number from a specified SMS site server, for a specified SMS site servers site sode and change it to a value specified on the command line. Use this script only after you understand the underlying concepts of SDK values...
  • File: Temporary download for Alice at FAQSHOP

    Here Alice, this should work this time :>
  • File: Building SQL2000 queries the easy way (word document)

    A word document (due to so many screenshots) showing how to easily create SQL2000 queries for use in SMS2003 Reporting I get a lot of SQL query creation questions, so thought writing up a short document on how to use SQL2000 Enterprise Manager to build complicated (well reasonably) SQL queries would...