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  • Blog Post: More magic WMI from Kim

    Can't keep this guy down, another article on WMI eventing from Kim Oppalfens Fascinating stuff,
  • Blog Post: Kim's WMI webcast

    Kim Oppalfens has propped up his webcast for making WMI do seemingly impossible things. Seemingly, as in the features have always been there, just no one really dug in, or at least didn't do so and then broadcast the results to the world. Well Kim does exactly that. Kick back and check out...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Backup failure - Error 145

    We had backup failure on two of our Primaries, the root cause of which seemed to stem from file locks being present on the files in the backup folder while the backup is running. I scheduled a job to run just before the backup to collect any file handles and dump to a log file (handles.exe) but none...
  • Blog Post: MMS 2010 - Kim Oppalfens - Birds of a Feather session on WMI

    Kim Oppalfens is hoping to get enough votes to put on an ultra-slick, seriously hardcore WMI session at MMS 2010. He's still trying to get enough votes to raise this up so that it can take place. I had an opportunity to talk to Kim about this session last week, and as a seasoned ConfigMgr admin...
  • Blog Post: WMI Troubleshooting tips

    More from the Configuration Manager team blog, which you really should subscribe to their RSS feed, or make a habit of frequenting their website for some really good ConfigMgr info. Brian Huneycutt has posted a super cool run down on solving WMI issues over on the Configuration Manager team blog ...