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  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr: Site backup task failing due to VSS - SMS Writer issue

    Had a problem pop up on a down-level ConfigMgr Primary site server yesterday ... the backup was failing to complete successfully. To drill in to this problem, first I got SMSBKUP.LOG in to trace and tracked through the most recent backup until I could see the failure point: Error: Failed to backup...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr Backup failure - Error 145

    We had backup failure on two of our Primaries, the root cause of which seemed to stem from file locks being present on the files in the backup folder while the backup is running. I scheduled a job to run just before the backup to collect any file handles and dump to a log file (handles.exe) but none...
  • Blog Post: Moniitor your ConfigMgr\SMS2003 Backups via a report

    Essentially I wanted to know what sites haven't backed up within a given date range (a day and a half since last backup), and those that have never backed up (never reported a backup). Groovy stuff, not so easy to determine though, or so it would seem, unless you fall back entirely onto the Status...