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  • Blog Post: Logical Disk Extension Management Pack

    Recently, I had the need to run a logical disk free space report and knowing that this isn’t provided out of the box I created a report and put it into a new management pack.  I was then approached about collecting fragmentation data on each drive as well and this got me thinking, why don’t I create...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Repeat Event Detection Rule

    I had a requirement to create a repeat event detection rule the other day, and I thought to myself that it would be very easy.  As it turns out though, it is not as easy to create a repeat event detection rule as it is a monitor.  When creating a new monitor you have an option to select a Repeat...
  • Blog Post: Passing Data Items to Recovery Actions

    I was tasked the other day with creating a recovery action on a monitor, which in itself is not complicated, however I needed to use a data item from the monitor workflow in the recovery. On searching, I found very little documentation about how to achieve this, but I did find a helpful example Diagnostic...