How to make an install not run as administrator


I have packaged the DropBox app as an application in SCCM and deployed it to a user collection, and it all works fine until it actually tries to install.  DropBox cannot be installed when being run as administrator, and this is how SCCM is trying to install it.  What's the best way to get around this so the installer is not run as administrator?

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  • Set it up as a traditional Package not an Application ... Set the Packages Program "Program can run" property to "Only when a user is logged on" to get the "Run with user's rights" property as an option under Run Mode.

    Are you trying to use the new App Model \ User Affinity or just deploy a simple package?


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    I was trying to use the new model, so it is only installed on a users primary device.  Is this possible or do I have to use a traditional package rather than an application?

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    No afraid not. The Application model follows users, but the ConfigMgr Agent performs execution requests to Windows Installer in the SYSTEM context.

    Most MSI's are designed to run under SYSTEM context, the rare fair have to be handled this way :-(