Ok finally figured out the solution to a problem with installing MP's that's been bugging me the last couple of days. Essentially It revolves around the SMS2003 Advanced Client not behaving itself.

I've got a couple of SMS2003 RTM sites that have problems reinstalling their MP. The MP was installed first followed by the SMS2003 Advanced Client. Initially the MP went on OK, but after removing due to it failing to process HINV's correctly, and attempting to reinstall, it barfs and throws up two errors:

 SiteComp logfile:

      Starting bootstrap operations...
        Installed service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_<SERVERNAME>.
        Starting service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_<SERVERNAME> with command-line arguments "<SITECODE> D:\SMS /install D:\SMS\bin\i386\MPsetup.exe"...
          Execution of "D:\SMS\bin\i386\MPsetup.exe /install /siteserver:<SERVERNAME>" on server <SERVERNAME> failed: Child process exited with non-zero code 102.
          MP.MSI could not install correctly on server <SERVERNAME>.
        Bootstrap operation failed.
        Deinstalled service SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_<SERVERNAME>.
      Bootstrap operations aborted.

Error 102 (The semaphore is set and cannot be closed.)

MPSetup logfile:

MP Setup Started....
Parameters: D:\SMS\bin\i386\MPsetup.exe /install /siteserver:<SITESERVER>
Installing the MP
Passed OS version check.
IIS Service is installed.
No versions of MP are installed.  Installing new MP.
Enabling MSI logging.  MP.MSI will log to D:\SMS\logs\MPMSI.log
Unknown error code: 452752
[9:07:53] @@ERR:25001
Setup failed due to unexpected circumstances
The error code is 80004005
MP.MSI exited with return code: 1603
Backing up MPMSI.log to D:\SMS\logs\MPMSI.log.LastError
Fatal MSI Error - MP.MSI could not be installed. 

 Error 452753 could also be shown? 

I did cross-check this in Google and a few other resources with practicaly zero success. No one out there seems to be writing about this problem, or they have but it's not being indexed by googles spiders.

Anyways here is how I solved the problem:

(You may have already removed the MP, in which case skip this section)

  • Removed the MP
  • Reinstall MP
  • Encounter Error 102 or 452753/452751 errors
  • Tell SMS2003 Administrator Console to remove the MP
  • Observe MP coming off successfully

 (MP now fully removed?)

  • Perform a CCMCLEAN /ALL (SMS2003 Toolkit 2 utility)
  • Long delay when attempting to stop the CCMEXEC.EXE (SMS Agent Host) service
  • KILL -F <PID> the CCMEXEC.EXE process (get the PID from Task Manager or ResKit TLIST)
  • CCMCLEAN continues ...
  • CCMCLEAN reports it cannot remove the service but then completes it's processing (if in quiet mode you won't see the warning dialogs that require a click)
  • Notice that the service description is now missing from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  • Services MMC console snap-in still shows "SMS Agent Host" service listed but has no attributes only the "Name" field
  • Close the Services console, wait 5-10 minutes and reopen it
  • Confirm if the service has been cleaned up and removed. If not then wait some more, but ALWAYS close the Services console as this locks the SCM database (i believe)
  • At this point the "SMS Agent Host" should be removed from the Services console list of registered services
  • Rerun CCMCLEAN /ALL to make sure any residual data is removed that couldn't be removed because of the error previously
  • Reinstall the MP (success?!?! yay!)
  • Reinstall the SMS2003 Advanced Client

That pretty much got everything working again for me, without a reboot being required I might add ;-)

This is a good start to troubleshooting this issue, and may help you out. However I cannot claim it solves all MP issues that are similiar in error codes or behaviour. YMMV as they say.

I guess a good working practice for dealing with MP problems is Remove AdvCli, Remove MP, Reinstall MP, AdvCli? But I like to fix things without reinstall ebooting, removing them is a last resort in my mind. Some of the advise i've seen about removing AdvCli\MP and IIS must make some admins faint at the thought of all that (change\control, and if you have a modified IIS build, perhaps several reboots!) engineering to get IIS reinstalled. If your on a site that doesn't over-engineer things and uses the Add\Remove Windows Components to install\deinstall IIS then CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY!!! Everyone else, and you know who you are, you have my sympathy!