A collegue of mine spent hours researching how to create a simple advertisement assignment. He was using the SDK in VBScript and was frustrated at the lack of easy-to-digest information out there. He'd arrived at MSDN, Technet, poured over the SMS2003 SDK help file and even googled around. He almost had the problem solved when he came across references (via google books) to "SMS2003 Recipes". Unfortunately he just couldn't adapt the examples to his needs. I thought he was just doing things wrong but after spending a bit of time seeing "what's out there" I realised this is another one of those niche areas that needs a bit more illumination with the "laymans" hat on.

So here's VBScript sample code to create a new advertisement, and then create a single Assignment for the Advertisement.

Note: I'll not be covering every aspect of what you can do with an Advertisement using the SDK. Instead i'll just reference the most common things configured for an Advertisement. If you want to configure it further, google is your friend ;-)

First you need to connect to your SMS2003 Site server. Here's a peice of code that does that using just the servers machine name:

 Function ConnectToServer(sServer)

 Dim oSiteDetails, oSiteDetail, sSiteCode

 Set objLocator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")

 If Err.Number = 0 Then


  WScript.Echo "Connecting to server " & sServer & " as the target SMS2003 Site server"

  Set objSMS = objLocator.ConnectServer(sServer, "Root/SMS")

  WScript.Echo vbTAB & "Connected, now attempting to connect to the Sites WMI Namespace"

  objSMS.Security_.ImpersonationLevel = 3

  Set oSiteDetails = objSMS.ExecQuery("select Machine, SiteCode from SMS_ProviderLocation where ProviderForLocalSite=True")

   If Err.Number = 0 Then
    For Each oSiteDetail In oSiteDetails
     sSiteCode = oSiteDetail.SiteCode


    WScript.Echo vbTAB & "Connected, Identified Site Code as " & sSiteCode & " for " & sServer

   End If

  Set objSMS = objLocator.ConnectServer(sServer, "root/SMS/site_" + sSiteCode)

  If Err.Number = 0 Then

   WScript.Echo vbTAB & "Connected to the SMS Site Namespace for " & sServer & " (" & sSiteCode & ")"

  End If

  ConnectToServer = Err.Number

 End If

End Function

Now you have a handle to the SMS2003 Site server, you can create the advertisement:

DIM array(), newAdvertisement, instToken, objSMS, objLocator, oSiteDetail, oSiteDetails

ReDIM array(0)

If ConnectToServer("<SERVER NAME>") <> 0 Then

WScript.Echo "Error occured connecting to SMS2003 Site server" 


End If

Set newAdvertisement = objSMS.Get("SMS_Advertisement").SpawnInstance_()

newAdvertisement.AdvertisementName = "Advert Name"

newAdvertisement.Comment = "Advert Comment"

newAdvertisement.CollectionID = "<COLLECTION ID>"

newAdvertisement.PackageID = "<PACKAGE ID>"

newAdvertisement.ProgramName = "<PROGRAM NAME>"

newAdvertisement.ExpirationTime = "20080401220000.000000+***"

newAdvertisement.PresentTime = "20080401210000.000000+***"

Set instToken = objSMS.Get("SMS_ST_NonRecurring").SpawnInstance_()

instToken.DayDuration = 0

instToken.HourDuration = 0

instToken.IsGMT = False

instToken.MinuteDuration = 0

instToken.StartTime = "20080401210000.000000+***"

Set array(0) = instToken

newAdvertisement.AssignedSchedule = array

NewAdvertisement.AssignedScheduleEnabled = True

newAdvertisement.ExpirationTimeEnabled = True

newAdvertisement.IncludeSubCollection = False


Now you need to put the Function ConnectToServer at the bottom of your script, the code for creating the advertisement at the top,  change all references that need real information such as <COLLECTION ID> etc then finally adjust the ExpirationTime, PresentTime and StartTime. How you change these date\times is to use another function to massage the date\time in to the format expected by SMS2003. This format looks like this: "20080401210000.000000+***" and you can see a good example from Greg Ramsey and Warren Byles "SMS2003 Recipes" book via this link on how to produce these dates.

This should get you off to a good start. Any problems leave comments and i'll try to defend my dodgy code Geeked