Here's a scenario, which most of you will hopefully NEVER encounter!

  • You're SMS environment is both centrally and locally managed.

  • You have SMS Administrators at the top tier watering the hierarchy, making sure it's all green-lighted and healthy.

  • You have admins at some of the down-level sites maintaining their sites health

Now say that the Centralised support model is rejected by the local site, but they won't disconnect from you're hierarchy, and you do not have the rights or permission to disconnect their site.

You want them out of the hierarchy!

You could purge them from the DB with a preinst /DELSITE, but eventually they will pop back up in the database after they replicate to their Parent site.

Here's a cool way to drop them like a bad habit! It's so simple it's laughable!

Remove the offenders Address from the Sender, then change the SMS_SITE share to either block their computer account (Advanced Security) or the Service Account (Standard Security) they are using. That simple!

Then purge them from you're DB with a PREINST /DELJOB and a /DELSITE and forget about them. At least, until they call regarding the Site Status\Component Status\SMS_LAN_SENDER component, complaining about Access Denied status messages appearing hehe!

Any other novel ways you've come across for blocking down-level child sites from communicating???

I know, best practice is to disconnect them, but as in the above example, sometimes reality doesn't meet with theory :-<

Had some good feedback on this, thanks guys. And Ed, I wrote in the removal of the address, an obvious step but this wouldn't be complete without it!