Today I had to deal with Status Filter Rules on multiple SMS2003 Primary site servers that where being wiped and replaced by an OS Patch.

The OS patch is being rolled out across the corporation, it shouldn't touch SMS but it does, every company has it's quirks ;-) And, as a result, I am starting to see sites not returning any status messages due to the OS patch tweaking the Status Filter Rules.

I wasn't looking forward to removing them by hand then putting in the correct ones, so I had a look around on the internet. Found just what I wanted, curtesy of Dave Fuller who has a good VBScript to Import\Export via WMI the Status Filter Rules. Result, and it works for SMS2.0 and SMS2003!

Here's the link to his article detailing the scripts, with a script download link and some advice on how to use them. Open the VBScript files and check out the comments section for detailed usage covering Primary or Secondary Import\Export.

First, I exported the Status Filter Rules from a known good SMS2003 Primary Site server. Then, I wrote a wrapper CMD script that takes two inputs, the ServerName and the Sitecode for the Server which then invokes the Import script:

Here's the CMD wrapper:


ECHO Site Name: %1

ECHO Site Code: %2

IMPSFR.vbs /C=%1:%2 /D=%1:%2 /F=E:\StatusFilterRules\SMS2003-RTM-Primary-StatusFilterRules.INI

Nothing special there, just how I managed to shave off a handful of seconds from typing out the Export scripts command line ;-)

Thanks Dave, even though this was written over 4 years ago it's still usable and helped ease the pain from my task!