Join the technical team at Shavlik as they walk us through the SCUPdates product, showing us how easy it is to manage non-MS patches.

Shavlik SCUPdates simplifies using System Center Configuration Manager to deploy updates for 3rd party applications like Adobe Reader, Apple Quicktime, and Sun JRE. The SCUPdates catalog eliminates your need for research and package creation so you'll start deploying updates in just minutes. Leave the patch research to Shavlik, we've been doing this for years. View this demonstration on importing, publishing, and syncing the Shavlik SCUPdates catalog to System Center Updates Publisher and System Center Configuration Manager. 

About Shavlik Technologies

Shavlik Technologies, LLC is the market leader for simplifying and automating critical-to-perform and manage IT operations including antivirus
+ antispyware, configuration management, asset management, policy and
compliance auditing, and patch management.  Shavlik's innovative approach to simplifying and automating enterprise wide system management frees up IT staff for initiatives that grow your business without sacrificing the visibility and control needed to ensure system availability and security.
Shavlik solutions include the SaaS based management solution

With thousands of customers worldwide, Shavlik is trusted to provide solutions that can be relied upon  to identify gaps and automatically and reliably fix systems that are missing patches or don't conform with the corporate-defined configuration baseline. More information can be found at