WMUG - 1st of November 2010 at Cardinal Place, Victoria, London with Wally Mead and Randy Roffey

ConfigMgr 2012 Overview

Wally Mead - ConfigMgr 2012 (Beta 1) Overview from Rob on Vimeo.

ConfigMgr 2012 Migration

Wally Mead - ConfigMgr 2012 - Migration from Rob on Vimeo.

ConfigMgr 2007 R3

WallyMead - ConfigMgr 2007 R3 from Rob on Vimeo.

After a lengthy hiatus, WMUG is back with it's next event, being held at Cardinal Place, Victoria, London (map, directions), between 11:30am and 6pm and we have Wally Mead, Sr. Program Manager for Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 stopping over during his tour of Europe ahead of TechEd 2010 giving us a presentation on ConfigMgr 2007 R3 and going over several notable and important features of v.Next, and we also have Randy Roffey from Silect giving us a presentation of Silects latest offering, ConfigWise as well as spending some time checking out their other ConfigMgr centric product CP Studio.

This is almost an all-day event, so can we ask that you aim to arrive between 11am and 11:15am so as to minimise any delays since we really need to start at 11:30am to make sure we get all the content in and don't disappoint you by calling short any of the following sessions:

11:00  - 30mins - Arrivals
11:30  - 60mins - System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 with Wally Mead
12:30  - 45mins - Lunch
13:15  - 60mins - Silect ConfigWise with Randy Roffey
14:15  - 90mins - Part 1 - System Center Configuration Manager 2011 aka v.Next
15:45  - 15mins - Break
16:00  - 90mins - Part 2 - System Center Configuration Manager 2011 aka v.Next
17:30  - 30mins - Q/A with Wally Mead

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This will be a great opportunity to hear about R3 from Wally, as well as a walk through several of the key features of v.Next, including RBAC, a flatter hierarchy, User Centricity and the new inter-site replication model amongst others (subject to time!), we've also managed to get some time with Randy Roffey from Silect who is going to give us a short tour of ConfigWise and CP Studio. Another great event worth attending.