Script to generate shortcuts to MSTSC.EXE pointing at all SMS Sites discovered on a Central SMS Site server

Rather than creating these manually, modify the script to point at your Central site server, modify the destination folder the shortcuts will be created in and add the SMS Site Code of the Central, then run this script with enough rights to read the v_site view on the Central. You'll end up with a bunch of RDP sessions. Easy.

This was updated on the 6th August ... it now displays the SMS version in the RDP Shortcut description and filename.



It also now has a section checking for "3.00" on the front of the Version string for System Center configuration Manager, although I cannot confirm the Version string for SCCM as I'm not running it here at the moment. If you need it to spew out SCCM references, get the Version string from the V_SITE view and add that to the script. It's documented enough for you to figure it out.