• Tue, Feb 24 2009

    Dynamically Exclude Page File Drives from being Monitored

    In the world of standard server builds, it is quite common now to have a dedicated drive just for the system page file. Usually this drive is partitioned to be just big enough to store the pagefile which means under normal monitoring it will constantly be in alarm. Create a new group, give it a name and select a management pack then select Dynamic Members. Click Create/Edit Rules and create the following query: ( Object...
    • Tue, Jan 20 2009

    Conficker Virus Awareness from Microsoft

    Actions Requested: Win32/Conficker.B/Downadup infections MS08-067 Malicious Software Removal tool History: Win32/Conficker.B --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract: Based on feedback from MVPs and other sources, we are concerned about the rise in reported infections due to the worm Win32/Conficker.B also known as “Downadup.” Though systems which have already applied...
    • Mon, Jan 18 2010

    DPM Console on Your Desktop

    Data Protection Manager is a great product but one of its shortcomings is that you can only run the DPM console on the DPM server. However, with Server 2008 Terminal Services or Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services it is possible to publish the console so it is accessible from a PC. What's great about this is that the console link can be published in a users Start menu so to them it looks like a standard application...
    • Mon, Jan 18 2010

    DPM 2010 RC Webcast: Questions & Answers

    During the DPM 2010 RC webcast last Thursday, there were loads of questions posted which the team at MS did a great job at answering. Unfortunately the questions were coming in so thick and fast it wasn't possible to keep up with them all. Luckily enough though, here they all are: Question: Will there be any limitations on how much data and retention period with Dpm Online to Windows Azure? Answer:...
    • Sun, Aug 3 2008


    After implementing Operations Manager in your environment you may find some of your servers experiencing WMI problems. This can result in not being able to collect data or monitor what you need as the WMI queries in the rules and monitors will fail. Here are some simple commands to reset and re-registering WMI which in my experience I have found to solve many WMI issues. Reset WMI net stop winmgmt c: cd %windir...
    • Thu, Mar 10 2011

    Creating a Repeat Event Detection Rule

    I had a requirement to create a repeat event detection rule the other day, and I thought to myself that it would be very easy.  As it turns out though, it is not as easy to create a repeat event detection rule as it is a monitor.  When creating a new monitor you have an option to select a Repeat Event monitor type, but when creating a rule there is no such option.  I the set about looking for a way to solve...
    • Mon, Jul 20 2009

    OpsMgr R2 XPlat Agent Deployment - Field Notes

    I have recently been at a customer to implement a fresh installation of Operations Manager R2 into their production environment and what made this deployment even more interesting for me was that management of the a the UNIX servers was required. So I have put together some pointers that will hopefully help you if you have any problems rolling out the x-plat agent. The primary flavours of UNIX I was working with were...
    • Tue, Jul 21 2009

    Sealing a Management Pack in R2

    I published a post sometime ago on how to seal a management pack (http://www.aquilaweb.com/blog/index.php?itemid=85) but things are now a bit easier in OpsMgr R2. The install media for R2 includes the installer for the new Authoring Console which now provides functionality for sealing management packs. It doesn't completely simplify what is required to seal an MP as you still need to generate your own SNK file but...
    • Wed, Oct 1 2008


    Today I received the follwoing mail...... Dear David Allen, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. ... The Microsoft MVP Award provides us the unique opportunity to celebrate and honor your significant contributions and say "Thank...
    • Wed, Sep 2 2009

    More OpsMgr X-Plat Notes

    I’ve been once again deploying OpsMgr R2 agents onto Red Hat 5.1 servers and have found a prerequisite issue that some of you may experience.  Within Appendix A of the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Operations Administrator’s Guide there is a listing of all package dependencies for supported UNIX and Linux platforms, however, this listing is not everything you need just what is most commonly needed.  An example...
    • Tue, Oct 14 2008

    Reporting Error: Value of '1/1/0001 00:00:00' is not valid for 'Value'

    If trying to run a report but receiving a Cannot Execute Report error as below, the first thing you probably would think of checking is your regional settings and making sure you have the same date/time format as the reporting server. And, this may well solve the issue, however, it may also not. A less obvious setting to check is the Short Date Format and this is a very important setting, if the short date format is different...
    • Thu, May 28 2009

    High Memory Usage by VDS.exe on DPM Server

    Is VDS.exe eating loads of memory on your DPM servers? If so, the first thing you should do is apply MS hotfix 958387. This hotfix resolves a memory leak in the Virtual Disk Service which should clear the problem. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958387 David ... Click here to play
    • Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Unable to connect to <DPMServer> ID: 948

    When running PowerShell scripts against Data Protection Manager you could receive this error which seems to be quite simple to resolve, that being to follow the instructions and start the DPM service. However, what does this error mean if the DPM service is running.  This is where the error is misleading and there is a very simple resolution which is to run PowerShell as Administrator before running your script...
    • Thu, Oct 2 2008

    Missing Services in Windows Service MP Template

    Using the Windows Service Management Pack Template in OpsMgr you will notice that not all your services are available for selection, this is because only services created with SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS appear. If you wish to monitor services that were created with SERVICE_WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS you will need to create a unit monitor. What's the difference you may ask, well... SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS - A Win32-based...
    • Thu, Jun 4 2009

    Creating DPM PowerShell Tasks in Operations Manager

    Performing general administrative DPM tasks can be quite time consuming so why not get Operations Manager to do them for you. As with most new products coming out of Microsoft, any administrative task (and generally a lot more) can be scripted in PowerShell which can allow for tasks to be easily actioned remotely and much more efficiently. Taking this one step futher though, you can create tasks and rules in Operations...
    • Wed, Jan 13 2010

    DPM - Using PowerShell to Recover Shares

    As there is no central console for managing multiple Data Protection Manager servers, I like to use PowerShell wherever possible when performing DPM tasks. Recently I had the need to restore a share so what better time to write another script. :-) There is a good script at http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/ScriptCenter/en-us/68f52621-2086-40ed-905b-60c9eabe6337 which will restore all shares and volumes within...
    • Thu, Jul 3 2008

    Sealing a Management Pack

    By default when you create a new management it is created as unsealed so it has a .xml extension and allows for the management pack to be edited. Within the support tools of Operations Manager there is a tool called mpseal.exe which can be used to seal the management pack so it can not be edited but still allow for customization of the applied settings with the use of overrides in seperate management packs. This can be...
    • Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Server 2008 System State Backup

    System State backups in Server 2008 are massive compared to previous server products due to the huge number of files that Server 2008 has.  With different roles and features installed it is easily possible to have a system state containing over 50,000 files and up to 15GB in size.  This obviously puts a larger overhead on protecting System State as before you may have only been protecting 3-4GB, now you could...
    • Mon, Sep 14 2009

    Backup to tape failed – Error 30003 & Firestreamer

    The error in the picture below seems to be popping up more and more with people that are using an evaluation copy of Firestreamer.  The evaluation copy of this software is only valid for 30 days and after this time it will go into a read-only mode which will cause tape protection to fail and the error to be generated. You can confirm that the error is due to an expired Firestreamer license within Firestreamer itself...
    • Wed, Sep 2 2009

    Automating DPM Recovery

    Check out this great post by Rick Estrada on how to automate the backup and restore of a SQL database. http://the-network-guy.blogspot.com/2009/01/automating-dpm-recovery.html And, if you have OpsMgr R2 in your environment you could use this to automate the script instead of individual scheduled tasks. :-) David ... Click here to play
    • Thu, Jun 5 2008

    Restart Service Recovery Task

    "After creating a Windows service monitor, how does one configure a recovery task to automatically start the service on failure?" is a question I have been asked many times and seen asked on forums, so I have put together this quick blog on ...read more
    • Wed, Sep 10 2008

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Linux Integration Components RTM

    The final build of the Hyper-V Linux Integration Components has been released today !! Yippee. Follow the steps below to download: 1. Sign into the Microsoft® Connect ( https://connect.microsoft.com ) 2. Click on Connection Directory 3. Leave Categories as ALL and Sort By Connection Name (A-Z) 4. Scroll down to Linux Integration Components for Microsoft Hyper-V and add to your Connections Enjoy.
    • Tue, Nov 4 2008

    Spot the deliberate mistake

    So, I am in Barcelona having a great time at Tech-Ed when at midday yesterday I looked at my conference guide to find a very big mistake on the front page. At first glance everything looks fine but a closer inspection sees that MS have not used a spell checker and have spelt CONNECT incorrectly ! I don't rememebr the word "Connect" having two E's. How many thousand of people have received one...
    • Sun, Aug 10 2008

    Dell Management Pack v3.1 A01

    This is the new version of the Dell MP that has just been released. It contains three individual MP files: Dell.Connections.001.mp - The Dell Server and Printer Management Pack import file Dell.Connections.Client.mp - The Dell Client Management Pack import file Dell.Connections.StorageArray.mp - The Dell Storage Array Management Pack import file Downloadable here: http://support.us.dell.com/support/downloads...
    • Thu, Apr 15 2010

    Logical Disk Extension Management Pack

    Recently, I had the need to run a logical disk free space report and knowing that this isn’t provided out of the box I created a report and put it into a new management pack.  I was then approached about collecting fragmentation data on each drive as well and this got me thinking, why don’t I create an MP that extends the standard management of logical disks.  So, I created it ! This management pack collects...