• Sat, Apr 12 2008

    MP to XML

    If your working with OpsMan you may well have already come across this handy script from Boris Yanushpolsky that will convert a sealed management pack to XML. http://blogs.msdn.com/boris_yanushpolsky/archive/2007/08/16/unsealing-a-management-pack.aspx ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 11 2008

    WARNING - SQL Instance SA Password Check

    By default this rule is disabled in the SQL 2000 Discovery management pack but beware if you are looking at enabling it. During recent testing I enabled this rule and then shortly after found a number of my SQL servers crippled. Upon further investigation ...read more
    • Tue, Apr 8 2008

    SNMP Probe Based Monitors

    Setting up a probe based SNMP monitor is quite simple; however, there does seem to be some confusion out there about what to use as the Parameter Name and how to call the value in the alert description. Hopefully this will clear things up but if you do ...read more
    • Mon, Apr 7 2008

    SQL 2005 Log Shipping

    Recently I have set-up SQL log shipping for the environment I am working on and after producing a step-by-step document I thought it might be useful to many others, so I have posted it under Guides . ...read more