• Fri, Sep 19 2008

    Configuring rules to run when you want them to...

    Boris Yanushpolsky has just published a great article on how to configure rules to only run during times that meet your business needs. So if you're the normal 9-5 business and you only want your rules running between 9-5, then this guide will show how to achieve it in both XML and in the Authoring Console.
    • Wed, Sep 10 2008

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Linux Integration Components RTM

    The final build of the Hyper-V Linux Integration Components has been released today !! Yippee. Follow the steps below to download: 1. Sign into the Microsoft® Connect ( ) 2. Click on Connection Directory 3. Leave Categories as ALL and Sort By Connection Name (A-Z) 4. Scroll down to Linux Integration Components for Microsoft Hyper-V and add to your Connections Enjoy.