Spot the deliberate mistake

So, I am in Barcelona having a great time at Tech-Ed when at midday yesterday I looked at my conference guide to find a very big mistake on the front page.  At first glance everything looks fine but a closer inspection sees that MS have not used a spell checker and have spelt CONNECT incorrectly !


I don't rememebr the word "Connect" having two E's.

How many thousand of people have received one of these ????    D'oh.

  • ConnEEct, nice word wrap error! Bet hundreds of folk read through that and don't notice! Human brain tries to make sense of stuff like this, obviously that was the case for whoever signed off on that cover design!

    Hope you enjoying Barcelona mate. Cya when you back in the UK

  • Anonymous

    Count yourself lucky you're in Barca and not stuck over here ;-)