• Thu, Jul 30 2009

    Unable to connect to <DPMServer> ID: 948

    When running PowerShell scripts against Data Protection Manager you could receive this error which seems to be quite simple to resolve, that being to follow the instructions and start the DPM service. However, what does this error mean if the DPM service is running.  This is where the error is misleading and there is a very simple resolution which is to run PowerShell as Administrator before running your script...
    • Wed, Jul 29 2009

    Heavy Weight Consistency Check using PowerShell

    A Consistency check is a process performed by Data Protection Manager to check and correct any inconsistencies between the protected data and its replica. Consistency checks can be scheduled to occur automatically or be performed manually within the DPM console, however, you can also kick-off a consistency check using PowerShell. Start-DatasourceConsistencyCheck -datasource <datasource> This will start a standard...
    • Tue, Jul 28 2009

    New SQL MP – Issues on MP Web Service Catalogue

    I blogged a few days ago about the new SQL MP which is great, however, it seems that there is an MP file missing when trying to download/import from the web service catalogue available in OpsMgr R2. As you can see the SQL Server Core Library and SQL Server 2005 (Monitoring) management pack files are available but the SQL Server 2005 (Discovery) is missing.  This prevents the SQL Server 2005 (Monitoring) MP from being...
    • Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Updated ISA 2006 Management Pack (v6.0.6648.0) on MP catalogue!

    The updated SQL Management Pack, which resolves discovery/topology issues monitoring ISA 2006 SP1 servers and other bug issues, has posted to the management pack catalogue. Available on the link below or if you're on R2, import directly from the web service catalogue.   http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C576FCDF-42F0-4EB5-990D-E8E7C7E9C07E&amp;displaylang=en&displaylang=en
    • Mon, Jul 27 2009

    Solaris 9 Agent Deployment Issue

    Recently when trying to deploy a number of OpsMgr R2 agents to Solaris 9 servers I discovered that the message received if the agent fails to deploy isn’t always reflective of the true reason for the failure.  In my example, I was receiving a message stating that the agent could not be deployed due to the pre-requisite of OpenSSL not being installed on the target server.  On investigation I found that not only...
    • Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise MP for Operations Manager 2007 R2 Released

              Novell have released their SLES MP for System Center Operations Manager R2; brief overview below.  Check out full details here: http://www.novell.com/products/sle-management-pack/ Key capabilities: Deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Management Pack monitoring capabilities individually or together for the following key services, depending on your unique data centre needs: Samba...
    • Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Updated SQL Management Pack (v6.0.6648.0) on MP catalogue!

    The updated SQL Management Pack, which resolves issues monitoring clustered SQL servers, has posted to the management pack catalog.   Available on the link below or if you're on R2, import directly from the web service catalogue. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=8C0F970E-C653-4C15-9E51-6A6CADFCA363&amp;displaylang=en&displaylang=en Feature Summary: Support for Enterprise, Standard and...
    • Sat, Jul 25 2009

    Kevin Holman's OpsMgr Blog : The R2 Connectors are HERE!

      Kevin Holman's OpsMgr Blog : The R2 Connectors are HERE!
    • Wed, Jul 22 2009

    Enable OpsMgr Module Logging

    Having trouble deploying UNIX/Linux agents and the returning error message isn't really giving you enought information? If so, enable OpsMgr Module Logging to enable trace level logging of your agent deployment. Check out the webcast on how to enable it. (Please visit the site to view this video) http://wmug.co.uk/media/p/1966.aspx
    • Tue, Jul 21 2009

    Sealing a Management Pack in R2

    I published a post sometime ago on how to seal a management pack (http://www.aquilaweb.com/blog/index.php?itemid=85) but things are now a bit easier in OpsMgr R2. The install media for R2 includes the installer for the new Authoring Console which now provides functionality for sealing management packs. It doesn't completely simplify what is required to seal an MP as you still need to generate your own SNK file but...
    • Tue, Jul 21 2009

    DPM Hotfix Rollup Package Available

    There is a hotfix rollup package available for DPM which addresses a number of issues that many customers encountered. The issues resolved are: Issue 1 If you enable library sharing, you cannot delete a protection group, and you receive the following error message:  "Cannot promote the transaction to a distributed transaction because there is an active save point in this transaction." Issue 2...
    • Tue, Jul 21 2009

    System Center Central Officially Launched

    Announcing the official launch of SystemCenterCentral.com, the site to visit for "Everything System Center". SystemCenterCentral.com is a community initiative that combines a number of existing Internet properties under a single community site and strives to become the leading community landing page for all System Center technologies. SystemCenterCentral.com was announced at the Microsoft Management...
    • Mon, Jul 20 2009

    OpsMgr R2 XPlat Agent Deployment - Field Notes

    I have recently been at a customer to implement a fresh installation of Operations Manager R2 into their production environment and what made this deployment even more interesting for me was that management of the a the UNIX servers was required. So I have put together some pointers that will hopefully help you if you have any problems rolling out the x-plat agent. The primary flavours of UNIX I was working with were...
    • Mon, Jul 20 2009

    Exam 70-658 - TS: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007, Configuring

    The new DPM 2007 exam is now available in Prometric testing centers. This is a Technical Specialist exam designed to assess candidates' hands-on skills configuring System Center Data Protection Manager 2007. Should have prerequisites include: Operating experience with System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 At least one year of experience with data and system recoverability and data protection At...