DPM 2010 – Attach Manually Installed Agents

Attaching manually installed DPM agents to a DPM server has just become a bit simpler in DPM 2010. 

The same process needs to be followed to install an agent manually as in DPM 2007 which can be found here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb870935.aspx

Where it has got simpler is attaching the agent to the DPM server.  Previously you needed to open the DPM Command Shell and run a PowerShell script (Attach-ProductionServer.ps1) with the relevant parameters, now you just use the normal install wizard and select "Attach agents". 


After selecting "Attach agents", select the computer(s) that have the agent installed, enter credentials with required permissions and you're done.  Much nicer !

David  ...
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