• Tue, Jan 26 2010

    Storage Calculators (DRAFT) for System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta

    Source: http://www.scdpmonline.org/storage-calculators-draft-for-system-center-data-protection-manager-2010-beta.aspx MS have released some XLSX storage calculators to aid DPM 2010 administrators in sizing the DPM storage pool. The calculators are based on the workload being protected. There are three different spreadsheets available, one for Exchange, one for SharePoint and one for Hyper-V. They are very simple to...
    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    IE6 Vulnerability - Customer Ready Guidelines for Security Advisory 979352 Updated

    Hi Everyone, Microsoft is aware of public exploit code released that impacts customers using Internet Explorer 6. Customers using Internet Explorer 8 are not affected by currently known attacks and exploits due to the improved security protections in IE8. To help protect our customers, we recommend that all customers immediately upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Customers should also consider applying the workarounds and...
    • Thu, Jan 21 2010

    OpsMgr Videos on TechNet Edge

    Using tags on TechNet Edge makes finding videos so easy... Following on from my DPM videos post, here are the links for the OpsMgr videos on TechNet Edge. http://edge.technet.com/Tags/operations+manager/ http://edge.technet.com/Tags/scom As we are using tags again, all new videos should appear on these pages.
    • Wed, Jan 20 2010

    Data Protection Manager Videos

    Want to see videos on how to use DPM or how DPM works? Well you can see all the MS videos at TechNet Edge, just follow this link http://edge.technet.com/Tags/DPM/ . This link will display everything tagged with DPM so if any new videos are published, they should appear on this page ! Enjoy... David Allen MVP System Center Operations Manager...
    • Tue, Jan 19 2010

    OpsMgr MP Authoring Survey

    Do you want your voice to be heard and directly influence improvements and changes in MP Authoring? Well if you do, complete the MP Authoring Survey now ! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/mpauthoring It will only take 10 short minutes of your time. Thank you. David Allen MVP System Center Operations Manager http://www.scdpmonline.org http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/aquilaweb
    • Mon, Jan 18 2010

    DPM Console on Your Desktop

    Data Protection Manager is a great product but one of its shortcomings is that you can only run the DPM console on the DPM server. However, with Server 2008 Terminal Services or Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services it is possible to publish the console so it is accessible from a PC. What's great about this is that the console link can be published in a users Start menu so to them it looks like a standard application...
    • Mon, Jan 18 2010

    DPM 2010 RC Webcast: Questions & Answers

    During the DPM 2010 RC webcast last Thursday, there were loads of questions posted which the team at MS did a great job at answering. Unfortunately the questions were coming in so thick and fast it wasn't possible to keep up with them all. Luckily enough though, here they all are: Question: Will there be any limitations on how much data and retention period with Dpm Online to Windows Azure? Answer:...
    • Sat, Jan 16 2010

    Download "Get Ready for DPM 2010 Release Candidate" Webcast

    The TechNet Webcast: Get Ready for Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 Release Candidate (Level 300) that was presented on Thursday is now available for download. You can access the content in the following ways. View the webcast online (Slides, demonstrations, and audio) Download a WMV (Slides, demonstrations, and audio) Download the webcast PDF Just go to the original registration...
    • Fri, Jan 15 2010

    What's New & Improved in Data Protection Manager 2010

    Yesterday evening I attended the "Get Ready for System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Release Candidate" webcast presented by Microsoft Senior Technical Product Manager, Jason Buffington. It was a great webcast with over 300 attendees that highlighted all the improvements that have been made on DPM 2007 and all that is new in DPM 2010. Jason also had a superb team in the background who did a great job answering...
    • Wed, Jan 13 2010

    Recover Share using PowerShell Script

    View the article DPM - Using PowerShell to Recover Shares for full details of this script. --------- param([string] $DPMServerName, $ProtectionGroup, $Datasource, $ShareName, $DestinationServer, $DestinationLocation) function Usage() { write-host write-host "Usage::" write-host "Recover-Share.ps1 -DPMServerName [DPMServerName] -ProtectionGroup...
    • Wed, Jan 13 2010

    DPM - Using PowerShell to Recover Shares

    As there is no central console for managing multiple Data Protection Manager servers, I like to use PowerShell wherever possible when performing DPM tasks. Recently I had the need to restore a share so what better time to write another script. :-) There is a good script at http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/ScriptCenter/en-us/68f52621-2086-40ed-905b-60c9eabe6337 which will restore all shares and volumes within...
    • Tue, Jan 5 2010

    TechNet Webcast: Announcing Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta

    Learn about Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta; what's new, what's improved and what's all the excitement about on this TechNet webcast later this month. Event Details: Start Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:00 AM Pacific Time (5:00 PM GMT) Duration: 90 Minutes Level: 300 Register online at http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?culture=en-US&EventID...
    • Mon, Jan 4 2010

    Blog Series on Protecting SharePoint with DPM

    Chris Whitehead, who is a Premier Field Engineer for SharePoint in the UK and a fan of DPM, recently posted a series of blogs on SharePoint and DPM. I recommend you take a look, here is the link. http://blogs.technet.com/dpm/archive/2010/01/04/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-sharepoint-and-dpm.aspx If you're protecting SharePoint, this is well worth looking at ! David Allen...