Will I get to MMS?

With the Icelandic volcanic ash in the air, will I make it to Las Vegas for MMS?

The volcanic ash cloud seen over Iceland

I’m not scheduled to leave until Monday afternoon so I am hoping it will all blow over by then, but as weekend flights are already being cancelled I’m not very hopeful at the moment.

If the flight does go, see you at MMS if you’re there !


  • Anonymous

    Fingers crossed mate for you and everyone else affected by this.

  • I've had my Saturday morning Virgin Atlantic flight direct from London Gatwick cancelled but earlier in the day I'd booked a backup for Monday from Heathrow via LAX. I'll get my original booking refunded but the new arrangement cost is twice the original :-(

    As it stands, it looks like there's a window of opportunity for flights out of the UK below Manchester on Sunday but 'experts' think this may close by Monday, so I'm not keeping my hopes up.

    If I can't fly out on Monday, I may well have to bite the bullet and take the loss. Here's hoping for a westerly wind!