The latest Operations Manager 2007 R2 documentation is available to download from Microsoft.  Although all MS documentation is on TechNet, I do like having a downloaded copy in MS Word as it’s easier to search and I don’t need to rely on an internet connection.

Visit the link below which will take you to a download page which has the following documents available.

  • Linked.Reporting.MP.xml
  • OM2007_AuthGuideXplat.exe
  • OM2007_ReportAuthoringGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_CrossPlatformMPAuthoringGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_DeploymentGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_DesignGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_MigrationGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_MPAuthoringGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_MPModuleReference.docx
  • OM2007R2_OperationsAdministratorsGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_OperationsUsersGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_SecurityGuide.docx
  • OM2007R2_UpgradeGuide.docx



Happy reading :-D

David Allen
MVP System Center Operations Manager