AVIcode is available from Microsoft

It was announced a few months ago that Microsoft had acquired AVIcode.  Since then, we have been wondering when Microsoft were going to release the product and how they were going to license it and today we have found out.  Microsoft have released AVIcode as a product in the System Center suite and have added it to the SMSE/SMSD with SA licensing; this means that if you already license the System Center suite, you can get AVIcode now!  And, from what I can gather the product isn’t much different from when it was available from AVIcode so it is an all round win/win situation if you use System Center.

Check out the AVIcode page here, http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/avicode.aspx, where there is more information and download links for the AVIcode trial and the full download for SMSE/SMSD customers.

If you don’t know what AVIcode is, here is an overview that I lifted straight from the MS site.

AVIcode delivers market-leading .NET application performance monitoring capabilities to help ensure the availability of business-critical applications and services, regardless of where they are deployed. End-user experience and application performance monitoring are critical in virtual datacenters and cloud environments. As more customers move to consuming cloud-based services, Microsoft will address concerns about the gap between existing applications and those designed for the cloud by providing unified management across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Today, you can benefit from AVIcode capabilities by:

  • Simplifying management with automatic discovery of application dependencies.

    • Addresses custom LOB monitoring without the need for extensive MP authoring

    • Graphical application topology view displays dependency between distributed components

  • Optimizing business productivity with always-on, real-time monitoring, and rapid error resolution of business critical applications

    • End-user experience and application performance monitoring are critical for virtual datacenter and cloud environments

    • Identifies precise cause of application error allowing delivery of actionable information to the proper support team for faster resolution

  • Lowering the cost of managing datacenter services by establishing enterprise-wide standards to manage custom and disparate applications

    • Distributed web services and outside-in monitoring

    • Monitor and measure service-level delivery (SLAs)

I am downloading AVIcode now and I think you should too.  Winking smile