Hanging Opalis Console

I have been using Opalis constantly since it became available from Microsoft and I think it is an absolutely great application.  The ability to integrate, automate and orchestrate virtually anything is awesome and I am now always finding myself saying "Opalis could do that".

When using Opalis this week though, I noticed that Integration Server console kept hanging for 2-3 minutes every time I tried to access certain policies.  After trying the usual reboot step to no avail, I went digging a bit deeper and found this MS article, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2104676.

Basically, Opalis keeps historical data of policies in Policy logs and over time these logs can grow and grow and grow until eventually you start experiencing performance issues in the console.  The solution is to simply purge the policy logs and all is good again.  And, to prevent the same thing happening in the future, you can schedule the purge of these logs.

To manually purge the policy logs:

  1. Open the Opalis Integration Server console and connect to a management server.
  2. Right-click the management server and select Log Purge....

  3. Click Purge Now.


To automatically purge the logs, simply follow the steps above, enable and configure a log purge schedule, and hit Finish.

As easy as that!!!  Smile