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  • Blog Post: Advanced Discoveries on Unix/Linux Computers

    Recently, I had a requirement to discover a number of devices that existing on a Linux server, which got me thinking as previously I’ve only ever run a shell command that returns a status to determine whether an object is discovered or not. In this scenario I needed to run a script to return all...
  • Blog Post: SC 2012 Operations Manager – X-Plat Permissions & sudo

    Within SC2012 Operations Manager it is now possible to use sudo elevation for agent push, upgrades etc, and for RunAs accounts.  With this addition though, you will probably get more questions for the your UNIX/Linux admins about configuring the accounts to perform monitoring and agent tasks with...
  • Blog Post: System Center Operations Manager R2 XPlat Audit Collection Services

    Was just about to blog that Audit Collection Services for ACS has been released when I found I had been beaten to it. Click the link below to get further details:
  • Blog Post: More OpsMgr X-Plat Notes

    I’ve been once again deploying OpsMgr R2 agents onto Red Hat 5.1 servers and have found a prerequisite issue that some of you may experience.  Within Appendix A of the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Operations Administrator’s Guide there is a listing of all package dependencies for supported UNIX and...
  • Blog Post: OpsMgr R2 XPlat Agent Deployment - Field Notes

    I have recently been at a customer to implement a fresh installation of Operations Manager R2 into their production environment and what made this deployment even more interesting for me was that management of the a the UNIX servers was required. So I have put together some pointers that will hopefully...
  • Blog Post: Looking at OpsMgr R2 - Managing X-Plat

    Another great new feature in OpsMgr R2 is the ability to manage Unix, Linux, HP UX and IBM AIX servers. What is paricularly great about this feature is that once a X-Plat server has been discovered it is available as an object within OpsMgr as a Windows server is which enables you to add X-Plat servers...