• Sat, Jan 1 2011

    MVP SCCM 2011 - MVP Renewed

    Hi All, today i've got the best news of the year (so far) Dear Raphael Perez, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in System Center Configuration Manager technical communities during...
    • Fri, Aug 24 2012

    Software Update on a Secondary site failing with - Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired.

    Hi All, today i was troubleshooting a problem with a SUP on a secondary site that was failing to sync... looking at the wsyncmgr.log i saw sync: WSUS synchronizing other items, processed 3 out of 4 items (75%) Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.~~at Microsoft.UpdateServices.DatabaseAccess.DBConnection...
    • Fri, Aug 17 2012

    The compressed files for package <PACKAGEID> hasn't arrived from site <PARENTSITE> yet, will retry later.

    Hi All, I was troubleshooting this issue today for few packages.... the 1st step, was to discover packages that the number of installed dps was different from the targeted dps...to do this, I used the query select ps.Failed,ps.Installed,ps.Targeted,ps.Retrying,* from vPkgStatusSummaryRoot AS ps RIGHT OUTER JOIN vPackage AS pk ON ps.PkgID = pk.PkgID and ps.installed <> ps.targeted my 2nd step was to delete the...
    • Thu, Jan 12 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 26

    Video #: 26 Title: OSD Part V Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Tue, Jan 17 2012

    System Center 2012 RC Downloads

    Hi All, the new RC of all SC tools are available at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/hh505660.aspx?ocid=otc-f-corp-jtc-DPR&wt.mc_id=TEC_103_1_33 be the 1st to download and test it :)
    • Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Windows 8 - Video Demo

    Hi All, I just downloaded the Windows 8 iso from the official website ( http://dev.windows.com ) and installed it on a VM..and i'd like to share it with you... I can say that I'm impressed with it, and at same time upset as it didn't even install on VMWare (I know, it is not yet supported) and doesn't run properly on the VirtualBox (as you'll see, the mouse doesn't work properly)... Anyway...bellow...
    • Thu, Aug 18 2011

    Removing Expired Updates

    Hi All, I was helping a customer with a Software Update and one of the health checks was to validate the size of Software Update package. In 1 of the packages, they had about 800 updates and Based on Microsoft recommendation it shouldn’t have more than 500 updates http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb932162.aspx Operations Best Practices Software update limits per software update deployment or...
    • Mon, Sep 13 2010

    [Video Training] SCCM 2007 & MDT (Part 01)

    Hi All, this is the 1st of 31 videos about OS Deployment using SCCM & MDT... I hope you'll enjoy this serie of videos... Video #: 01 Title: Training introduction Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Wed, Sep 8 2010

    1st Blog Post

    Hi All, this is my 1st blog post at WMUG site...and let me start talking a bit about myself.... My name is Raphael Perez, I'm Brazilian (as English is not my 1st language, I apologize in advanced for any mistake I'll make J ), and I’ve been working in IT field since 1994. Since 2000 I work with MS technologies, such as AD, WSUS, GPO, and so on and back in 2006/7 I started to specialize...
    • Wed, Jan 18 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 30

    Video #: 30 Title: Mobile Device Management - Part I Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Mon, Feb 6 2012

    Project System Center Configuration Manager 2012

    Hi All, it is a pleasure to inform you that the Project SCCM 2012 started Actually, this project started about 1 year ago when me and MVP Cleber Marques have started speaking about a ConfigMgr 2012 book (sorry guys, it is going to be written in Brazilian Portuguese). The book, until now, is going to have 23+ chapters and the team are: Authors: Raphael Perez - MVP System Center Configuraiton Manager Raphael...
    • Fri, Feb 17 2012

    ConfigMgr 2012 Primary (Child) Site Installation

    Hi All, just a quick blog post... in the past few days i've been trying to install a primary site (child site) and always failing :(...after a lot of troubleshooting (and help from Microsoft), we discovered what was going on.. 1st, let me tell you how i set my lab environment. 1 DC 1 SQL (3 instances, remember that you must use static port on each instance) 1 CAS 1 Primary After the installation of the CAS using the...
    • Tue, Mar 27 2012

    SMP USMT Password

    Hi All, i've worked in a project where I needed to set a password for the USMT file (.mig) when using SMP. Unfortunately, this is impossible as the password is generated automatically and it is stored in the computer association. using the console, you can get this info...however... in my scenario, we kept the MIG file for a few of days on the server (7 days) and needed to keep the password in a encrypted text file...
    • Thu, Jan 5 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 22

    Video #: 22 Title: OSD Part I Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Fri, Jan 6 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 23

    Video #: 23 Title: OSD Part II Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Wed, Jun 20 2012

    Countdown...Teched Europe

    Hi All, this is a quick post about teched Europe... it will start next week in Amsterdam ( http://europe.msteched.com/ )... if you'll be there, don't forget to say hello at the Labs where I'll be one of the proctors... see you there :)
    • Tue, Sep 18 2012

    SMS 2003 - Disk space issue

    Hi All, today when I was doing the SCCM/SMS health check, i noticed one of the low level primary sites servers had not send any information to the parent and the communication was "dead" for a few hours when I connected to the server to validate it, i discovered that it had a disk space issue (the sms drive was with 0 bytes free). looking on what it could be, i noticed couple of new .pck files, but each one...
    • Fri, Sep 28 2012

    [Project] - CM12 Automation - beta is coming

    Hi All, I'm really loving doing this project..and it is almost in a beta stage...there are lots of things to do still and i'd love your imput, even for bugs..(send it to me to raphael AT rflsystems.co.uk) Anyway...the webpage of the project is http://cm12automation.codeplex.com/ and the beta files will be there soon ((i'm finishing lots of tests) the 1st powershell script you need to know is the BuildMediaFolder...
    • Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Which one is the right method to deploy apps during OS Deployment?

    Hi All, Many times I’m asked: How should I deploy this app: Add it to the base image, during the OS Deployment (as application) or after (sw deployment via computer collections/user) This is a trick question and my answer is always couple of questions: 1- Size of the application 2- How often it changes? 3- who uses it? 4- How often you rebuild your base image? Anyway…as you now have an idea, let’s...
    • Tue, Jan 17 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 29

    Video #: 29 Title: HTTPS Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Wed, Oct 24 2012

    New Computer for a Lab

    Hi All, i've been using my laptop to do demos, etc...but it was not enough and i was always struggling with power, speed, etc...and i decided to buy a desktop (well, if we can call it a desktop :)) it has been a while since I bought parts for a pc (by while i mean 6+ years) and i did not know what models, etc i should buy. this is because things change a lot, one day X is the best motherboard, another day Y is the...
    • Mon, Nov 19 2012

    New server - lessons learned

    Hi All, it has been a while since my last post but i've been a bit busy with the new server... unfortunatelly i won't post any pictures yet, nor talk about the performance...it will be in a later post... basically, i'll talk about 2 problems i had..and i actually..."killed" me few times... after set everything up, i installed WS2012...and the 1st screen after the reboot was a windows error... it...
    • Fri, Oct 5 2012

    [Project] - CM12 Automation - beta release

    Hi All, today i'm proud to announce the release of the CM12 Automation beta... The download can be found at http://cm12automation.codeplex.com/releases/view/95777 and for more information on how to use it, look at this post: http://wmug.co.uk/wmug/b/dotraphael/archive/2012/09/28/project-cm12-automation-beta-is-coming.aspx
    • Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Happy new year & MVP 2013

    Hi All, Happy new year and to start it nicely, i've got this e-mail today on my inbox...(or...let's say..spam box lol) last year (yes, i'm talking about 2012) there were many things happening on the System Center world, including System Center 2012, SP1, etc... i hope you have enjoyed all things myself, other mvp's and wmug had done for you and hopefully we'll be able to do even more this year....
    • Sat, Jun 2 2012

    Week Update (2)

    Hi All, this week update is quite a happy ending, but a terrible beginning... Basically, last sunday, when i tried to boot up my laptop it didn't boot..Windows 8 was never finished loading... I new what was going on, but i tried to fix the hard drive using chkdsk, format, etc..., but no luck, it was dead...i had to buy a new one and I did... while I was trying to backup my old data...i did something "stupid"...