• Sun, Oct 10 2010

    SCCM 2007 – Understanding Active Directory attribute discovery

    I've been helping a thread at the Brazilian TechNet forum. The thread started asking how to know which machine was not logged in for the past 60 days. After initial "how to", I decided write this down, as the issue was not fixed by this time, and hopefully, it's going to be helpful. When adding any extra attribute to be discovered, the 1 st think to note is that the System required column says no...
    • Thu, Apr 19 2012

    [script] DeleteExpiredUpdates

    Hi All, This script is intended to remove all expired updates from a package or Deployment and was showed by the MVP Kent Agerlund on his presentation at MMS 2012. If you'd like to try (at your own risk), you can download it from here (just remember to change the .txt to .vbs) Examples: cscript.exe DeleteExpiredUpdates.vbs /SMSProvider:CM01 /PkgID:"A010000E" cscript.exe DeleteExpiredUpdates.vbs /SMSProvider...
    • Mon, Apr 23 2012

    SCCM 2012 CAS/Hierarchy

    Hi All, SCCM 2012 changed the way a central site/hierarchy works. If you think about CM07, any primary site on the top of the hierarchy was automatically a central site and it could manage clients as well. Also, on a 2007 version, you could have a primary site under a primary site creating a chain of primary sites. On 2012 version, you can have only 1 layer of primary sites and a primary site cannot have another primary...
    • Fri, Aug 17 2012

    The compressed files for package <PACKAGEID> hasn't arrived from site <PARENTSITE> yet, will retry later.

    Hi All, I was troubleshooting this issue today for few packages.... the 1st step, was to discover packages that the number of installed dps was different from the targeted dps...to do this, I used the query select ps.Failed,ps.Installed,ps.Targeted,ps.Retrying,* from vPkgStatusSummaryRoot AS ps RIGHT OUTER JOIN vPackage AS pk ON ps.PkgID = pk.PkgID and ps.installed <> ps.targeted my 2nd step was to delete the...
    • Thu, Nov 11 2010

    [Video Training] SCCM 2007 & MDT (Part 15)

    Hi All, this is the 15th of 31 videos about OS Deployment using SCCM & MDT... I hope you'll enjoy this serie of videos... Video #: 15 Title: SCCM - Build and Capture Reference Image Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Sat, Jan 1 2011

    MVP SCCM 2011 - MVP Renewed

    Hi All, today i've got the best news of the year (so far) Dear Raphael Perez, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in System Center Configuration Manager technical communities during...
    • Sun, Oct 17 2010

    [Tip] Excluding OU from Discovery

    Hi All, i've been asked by a customer how to exclude 1 OU from System Discovery. When he asked me, I said, it's easy, you only need deny read to that OU to the site server, however, it wasn't that simple as they are using specific permission instead. If you read the documentation, you'll find: To run Active Directory Discovery, the Active Directory domain can be in any Active Directory mode, and the...
    • Tue, Mar 15 2011

    Windows Update error 0x80072f78

    Hi All, while ago, i was at customer site configuring their SCCM infrastructure and the Windows Update was failing for almost every single computer with the following log lines WARNING: Send failed with hr = 80072f78. WARNING: SendRequest failed with hr = 80072f78. Proxy List used: <> Bypass List used : <(null)> Auth Schemes used : <Basic;NTLM;> WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestUsingProxy...
    • Wed, Feb 2 2011

    [SCCM R3] Installing KB977384 [Update]

    Hi All, I'm finishing a SCCM 2007 R3 project, and everything was fine, clients being updated, until I had a look at the Advertisement status...all updates had being failed, even the client was updated. I was chocked, as I was following the documentation (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff977052.aspx).. I've altered the packaged created by the KB977384 installation, I only added the MIF file following...
    • Fri, Sep 14 2012

    Office 2013 (Part 2)

    Hi All, this is the part 2 on deploying office 2013 with SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta. Part 1 is available here 1. Now, open the CM12 console, go to Software Library -> Application Management and Applications 2. Click Create application 3. On Location, browse to proplusww.msi (where you extract the Office, subfolder proplus.ww) 4. Clique next 5. On view imported information, click next 6. General information, click next 7. Summary...
    • Thu, Jan 5 2012

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 22

    Video #: 22 Title: OSD Part I Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Fri, Oct 19 2012

    SCCM 2012 - Design Questions

    Hi All, It is really hard when you are in a design workshop and you don't know where to start, isn't it? I've been there, long time ago... this is normally happen on your 1st design workshop (or the 1st few)...and normally happen when you move from 1 department (lets say, support) to the consultancy. even you know what to ask, you'll always miss some questions (and when you're starting, you'll...
    • Tue, Nov 20 2012

    SCCM 2012 - Server Sizing

    Hi All, in a previous version of Configuration manager, there was a server sizing, but unfortunately, there is none for the 2012 version... but this is about to change (at least, a bit)... i created a spreadsheet to add the server sizing... i'm using this basically to calculate the sql server database size, but added option for memory as well. there are an option for disk space on the DP that calculates the size needed...
    • Thu, Oct 14 2010

    SCCM & NAT

    Hi All, installing a sccm client today and got the following errors on the ccmsetup.log o [CCMSETUP] AsyncCallback(): ----------------------------------------------------------------- o [CCMSETUP] AsyncCallback(): WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_SECURE_FAILURE Encountered o [CCMSETUP] : dwStatusInformationLength is 4 o [CCMSETUP] : *lpvStatusInformation is 0x9 o [CCMSETUP] : WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_FLAG_CERT_REV_FAILED...
    • Fri, Nov 18 2011

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Videos

    Hi All, after a long winter without posting anything, I'm back with new videos, but this time it is about System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC. All videos have been recorded with sound ( ) and I hope you'll enjoy. They also have been recorded using resolution of 1280x800 and, if you have any problem whatching them online, you can download them from http://www.dotnetwork.com.br . As a starter Video #: 00...
    • Wed, Sep 12 2012

    Windows 8

    Hi All, another step-by-step, but this time is deploying Windows 8 (I'm using Enterprise x64) with SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta. To Start, copy the Windows 8 DVD file to a place where the Server can access and share the folder. I'm using D:\Source$\Windows 8 Enterprise x64 and the share is Source$. I'm using vmware workstation 9, and i don't need to worry about drivers at this point in time :) it is also expected...
    • Thu, Sep 13 2012

    Office 2013 (Part 1)

    Hi All, another step-by-step, but this time is how to deploy office 2013 using CM12. This is part 1 of 2. In this post, we'll prepare the installation files. 1st, you need to download the office 2013 from the net. I downloaded it from the MSDN website and the file name is en_office_professional_plus_2013_preview_x64_916516.exe 1. Extract the source files with the following command en_office_professional_plus_2013_preview_x64_916516...
    • Tue, May 22 2012

    [Project] ConfigMgrRegistrationRequest

    Hi All, i just published this project on CodePlex ( https://configmgrregistratio.codeplex.com/ ). It is still in pre-beta, but worth to check it out. Basically, this project will allow you to create Fake Clients, ideal when you need test load, reports, etc... when you run the tool (as a local Administrator), it will - Open a csv file and send request to register a new client to sccm - Send a update client id to sccm ...
    • Wed, Sep 26 2012

    CM12 SP1 and Powershell

    Hi All, as you may be aware, CM12 SP1 brings support for powershell and it is really easy to play...once you have the console installed, you can click Connect via Powershell and voila..powershell is open and you can start using powershell... however, i was trying to use powershell without the console, i had it installed, but i did not wanted to open it to start the powershell..but how?!?!?!?! the 1st thing...
    • Thu, Dec 15 2011

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 16

    Video #: 16 Title: Reporting Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Fri, Dec 16 2011

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 17

    Video #: 17 Title: Application Management (Part I) Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Wed, Feb 2 2011

    SCCM Self Portal

    Hi All, After a couple of weeks developing a Self Portal it's time to share... The Self Portal is a web based portal where users can request software...and the version I'm sharing is beta 04 The beta 04 files can be downloaded from http://www.dotnetwork.com.br/selfportal/Release vB04.zip A Installing & Configuring guide can be downloaded from http://www.dotnetwork.com.br/selfportal/guide.pdf The bellow...
    • Fri, Aug 24 2012

    Software Update on a Secondary site failing with - Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired.

    Hi All, today i was troubleshooting a problem with a SUP on a secondary site that was failing to sync... looking at the wsyncmgr.log i saw sync: WSUS synchronizing other items, processed 3 out of 4 items (75%) Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.~~at Microsoft.UpdateServices.DatabaseAccess.DBConnection...
    • Thu, Dec 29 2011

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 20

    Video #: 20 Title: Software Update Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Fri, Dec 2 2011

    System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC Video 10

    Video #: 10 Title: Client Health Obs.: For a better view, watch in full screen mode as it was recorded using resolution of 1280x800 (Please visit the site to view this video)