ConfigMgr on my ipad


Following another ConfigMgr MVP Cliff Hobbs on his article about “How to run ConfigMgr on an iPad” (, I also can run it, however, I can do it in 2 different ways:

Dual monitor mode
I’m using the MaxiVista application for iPad. MaxiVista turns your iPad into an extra monitor for your Windows computer over any wifi network. The downside of this is that I cannot, yet, use the iPad, I need control all applications through my Windows computer, however, it is fixed by my 2nd mode.


Remote access
I’m using LogmeIn application for iPad. LogmeIn lets you remotely access one or more computers anywhere, anytime.


  • Anonymous

    Different way of doing this. Used MaxiVista before and thought it was very cool. Air Display now supports Windows so you might want to give this a go ;-)