Removing Expired Updates

Hi All,

I was helping a customer with a Software Update and one of the health checks was to validate the size of Software Update package.

In 1 of the packages, they had about 800 updates and Based on Microsoft recommendation it shouldn’t have more than 500 updates
Operations Best Practices
Software update limits per software update deployment or deployment package
To avoid possible performance issues, we recommend that you do not add more than 500 software updates to a single software update deployment or deployment package.
Selective Download
Configuration Manager 2007 client computers identify which targeted software updates are applicable and retrieve only the files for required updates from the deployment package contents that might contain both required and not required software updates. This allows administrators to have multiple software updates in a single deployment package and use the package in deployments that target client computers that need only a subset of the deployment package contents. As a best practice, we recommend that less than 500 software updates are added to a single deployment package or software update deployment.
4.2 Planning a Software Updates Package Strategy

Single package containing all authorised software updates – drawback - Should not exceed 500 updates per package 

After this, i've created a script to remove all expired one, check it out