Windows 8 - Video Demo

Hi All,

I just downloaded the Windows 8 iso from the official website ( and installed it on a VM..and i'd like to share it with you...

I can say that I'm impressed with it, and at same time upset as it didn't even install on VMWare (I know, it is not yet supported) and doesn't run properly on the VirtualBox (as you'll see, the mouse doesn't work properly)...

Anyway...bellow is the video...and before you ask, it doesn't have any sound...

Click here to play this video

  • Bet it'd work fine on Hyper-V ;-)

    Nice demo Raph!

  • of course it will work fine on Hyper-v...:)....but i have no hyper-v server to play (yet) :(

  • Ah I had a failure to change state from the VM once Win8 completed its first installation phase. It wasn't a show-stopper error. I clicked through it and the VM did change state (rebooted) and came back up.

    I had a Metro issue, but I think that was due to linking it to my passport account (their cloud bit) and it might just have taken time for the linked content to sync or whatever, before Metro would show properly.

    Aside from that, went on OK and was usable! Started to record a video then stopped when I realised I was just recording me cruising the interace, not that exciting to watch :-)

    I did notice that when you join a Win8 to a domain you get an option to provide your passport account details! Huh?! There's a clear indication of direction (cloud!)