Week update

Hi all,

Is has been a while since my last blog post, but this is nly because things are changing on my personal, professional and community life...

The interesting thing to talk here is the community life (as this isn't a gossip magazine, no one cares about my personal/professional life :))

As community, I'm proud to say that I'm a new member (with another Brazilian friend David Nudelman) of the WMUG "core team", and I have to say thanks to Rob for the invitation :)

The WMUG team is doing a lot and hopefully you'll enjoy everything we're doing. The first great thing was the website upgrade finished last week that added lots of new features to the website and shortly you all will be able to enjoy it.

As part of this, I also published a new  project on codeplex about creating fake clients to cm12. If you haven't checked, it is time...(check my previous post :))

We're also working hard to build a series of meetings (either online and presential)...stay tunned...(and if you think you're a good speaker on any system Center technology (or related), contact us...