Office 2013 (Part 2)

Hi All,

this is the part 2 on deploying office 2013 with SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta. Part 1 is available here

1. Now, open the CM12 console, go to Software Library -> Application Management and Applications
2. Click Create application
3. On Location, browse to proplusww.msi (where you extract the Office, subfolder proplus.ww)
4. Clique next
5. On view imported information, click next
6. General information, click next
7. Summary, click Next
8. Completion, click Close
9. Select the Microsoft Professional Plus 2013, select the Deployment Type and click Properties on the ribbon
10. On Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 – Windows Installer (Native) Properties,  go to content tab and change the Content location from “Office 2013\proplus.ww” to “Office 13”
11. Go to programs tab and Installation program, type setup.exe /adminfile Of2013Custom.msp
12. Go to requirements tab, and add the requirements. In this example, 1GB of RAM, 2GB of free disk space and Win7/Win8 x64 bits and click OK
13. Select the Microsoft Professional Plus 2012, change to Home tab and click Properties
14. Select “Allow this application to be installed form the install application task sequence action without being deployed” if you want to use it during OSD (we will!!!) and click OK
15. Select the Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 application and click Distribute Content
16. On General, Click Next
17. On Content, click Next
18. On Content Destination, add the DP and click Next
19. Summary, click Next
20. Completion, click Close
21. On the summary page, confirm that the content status show success
22. Click on Deploy and select All systems  as collection
23. On Content, click next
24. On Deployment Settings, click Next
25. On Scheduling, click next
26. On User experience, click next
27. On Alerts, click next
28. On Summary, click Next
29. On Completion, click Next
30. On the client force the machine policy retrieval
31. Open the Software Center, select Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 and click Install
32. The Download and installation will start
33. After few minutes, the installation is completed
34. And the new software appears on the start menu
35. Open the CM12 Server, CM12 console and navigate to Monitoring -> Deployments
36. Select Microsoft Professional Plus 2013 and confirm the completion statistics (you may need also run the summarization)
37. Click View status under completion statistics for more information