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  • Blog Post: New versions published

    Hi All, i just published new version of the server sizing spreadsheet and design question word doc files... you can download them using the following links
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2012 - Design Questions

    Hi All, It is really hard when you are in a design workshop and you don't know where to start, isn't it? I've been there, long time ago... this is normally happen on your 1st design workshop (or the 1st few)...and normally happen when you move from 1 department (lets say, support) to the...
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2012 CAS/Hierarchy

    Hi All, SCCM 2012 changed the way a central site/hierarchy works. If you think about CM07, any primary site on the top of the hierarchy was automatically a central site and it could manage clients as well. Also, on a 2007 version, you could have a primary site under a primary site creating a chain of...