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  • Blog Post: Which one is the right method to deploy apps during OS Deployment?

    Hi All, Many times I’m asked: How should I deploy this app: Add it to the base image, during the OS Deployment (as application) or after (sw deployment via computer collections/user) This is a trick question and my answer is always couple of questions: 1- Size of the application 2- How...
  • Blog Post: Monitoring Bandwidth Transfer

    Hi All, i'm doing some tests and i'd like to monitor the network bandwidth to confirm the amount of data transfered from the server to the client (and vice versa) during many actions, like OS Deployment, SW Deployment, etc... i was looking over the net (and asked help from MVP friends), but unfortunatelly...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr 2012 Primary (Child) Site Installation

    Hi All, just a quick blog post... in the past few days i've been trying to install a primary site (child site) and always failing :(...after a lot of troubleshooting (and help from Microsoft), we discovered what was going on.. 1st, let me tell you how i set my lab environment. 1 DC 1 SQL (3 instances...