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  • Blog Post: MMS 2012...I'm **not** there

    Hi all, even I'm not physically at the MMS 2012, I'll be remembered by one of my fellow friends MVP Kent Agerlund . This is because he will be using a script i've created in the past to clean up Expired updates from a software update (package and/or deployment) If you're interested in...
  • Blog Post: [Troubleshooting] Error installing KB977384

    Hi All, i've got a problem installing KB977384 on a client long time ago, but only now had time to blog about it. Basically, when trying to install KB977384, it was failing. Looking at the logs, i found the following log lines: MSI (c) (F4:08) [12:31:58:138]: Windows Installer installed the product...
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2012 Knowledge base

    Hi All, do you know what to do when there is a problem with SCCM 2012? The main link i'd say to you is the RSS Knowledge base. Until now, there are over 20 published KB's and i'm sure this number will grow. Add it to your favorite rss reader
  • Blog Post: SMP USMT Password

    Hi All, i've worked in a project where I needed to set a password for the USMT file (.mig) when using SMP. Unfortunately, this is impossible as the password is generated automatically and it is stored in the computer association. using the console, you can get this info...however... in my scenario...
  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr 2012 Primary (Child) Site Installation

    Hi All, just a quick blog post... in the past few days i've been trying to install a primary site (child site) and always failing :(...after a lot of troubleshooting (and help from Microsoft), we discovered what was going on.. 1st, let me tell you how i set my lab environment. 1 DC 1 SQL (3 instances...
  • Blog Post: [Tip] Excluding OU from Discovery

    Hi All, i've been asked by a customer how to exclude 1 OU from System Discovery. When he asked me, I said, it's easy, you only need deny read to that OU to the site server, however, it wasn't that simple as they are using specific permission instead. If you read the documentation, you'll...