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  • Blog Post: ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Beta & Linux Client

    Hi All, over the past few days i was playing with SCCM 2012 SP1 Beta and Linux...and i have to say that there are few bugs (i'll see bellow), but it works quite well... anyway...before you start, you need a Linux box...I'm using Suse Enterprise Server 11. I downloaded it from https://www.suse...
  • Blog Post: Software Update on a Secondary site failing with - Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired.

    Hi All, today i was troubleshooting a problem with a SUP on a secondary site that was failing to sync... looking at the wsyncmgr.log i saw sync: WSUS synchronizing other items, processed 3 out of 4 items (75%) Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior...
  • Blog Post: The compressed files for package <PACKAGEID> hasn't arrived from site <PARENTSITE> yet, will retry later.

    Hi All, I was troubleshooting this issue today for few packages.... the 1st step, was to discover packages that the number of installed dps was different from the targeted do this, I used the query select ps.Failed,ps.Installed,ps.Targeted,ps.Retrying,* from vPkgStatusSummaryRoot AS ps RIGHT...
  • Blog Post: [script] DeleteExpiredUpdates

    Hi All, This script is intended to remove all expired updates from a package or Deployment and was showed by the MVP Kent Agerlund on his presentation at MMS 2012. If you'd like to try (at your own risk), you can download it from here (just remember to change the .txt to .vbs) Examples: cscript.exe...
  • Blog Post: [Troubleshooting] Error installing KB977384

    Hi All, i've got a problem installing KB977384 on a client long time ago, but only now had time to blog about it. Basically, when trying to install KB977384, it was failing. Looking at the logs, i found the following log lines: MSI (c) (F4:08) [12:31:58:138]: Windows Installer installed the product...
  • Blog Post: SCCM 2012 Knowledge base

    Hi All, do you know what to do when there is a problem with SCCM 2012? The main link i'd say to you is the RSS Knowledge base. Until now, there are over 20 published KB's and i'm sure this number will grow. Add it to your favorite rss reader