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  • Blog Post: Software Update on a Secondary site failing with - Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired.

    Hi All, today i was troubleshooting a problem with a SUP on a secondary site that was failing to sync... looking at the wsyncmgr.log i saw sync: WSUS synchronizing other items, processed 3 out of 4 items (75%) Sync failed: LocalDBOtherError: SqlException: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior...
  • Blog Post: Software Update Compliance

    Hi All, few days back i was requested by a client to get a compliance list of a specific software update... fine..and easy...i tought... as it is SCCM 2007, I could use Compliance 2 - Specific software update, but unfortunatelly, the SU i was trying to get the compliance is not published via WSUS (is...
  • Blog Post: [script] DeleteExpiredUpdates

    Hi All, This script is intended to remove all expired updates from a package or Deployment and was showed by the MVP Kent Agerlund on his presentation at MMS 2012. If you'd like to try (at your own risk), you can download it from here (just remember to change the .txt to .vbs) Examples: cscript.exe...