3rd Party patch management - Part 6

Hi All,

this is the part 6, last one talking about SolarWinds Patch Manager, and in this post we'll see how to publish updates to be used by the SCCM...

1st, on the SCCM console, go to Software Library, 3rd Party Updates, Updates overview, all updates, this month

under Vendors, click Mozila, and select Mozila Firefox 10.0.12 ESR (Upgrade) and click Publish

Under publish, i selected publish selected packages to the wsus server, verify wsus version and re-sign existing selected package and clicked next

the server publishing verification wizard should be completed without any problem**. Once its done, click close

the patch manager publishing wizard will start and once done (downloading the files), select the update (or updates) and click next

the publishing process will start and after that you'll see the package publishing summary. you should see status: success

once its one, you can see this info on your sccm after the sync. to be sure, you can go to sup component properties and confirm the classification is being selected

and on the producs page, make sure that mozila/firefox is select

after that you can sync. i did a manual sync and i can see it on the logs

once on the all software updates, i can see Mozila Firefox as one of the updates, like any other microsoft update.

 **note that if you have your WSUS/SUP Server on a WS12 server and installed the Patch Manager Server on a WS2008/WS2008R2 it will fail. the reason is that the wsus console version is not the same. you should use the same wsus console version, it means, if your wsus/sup is on a ws2012 server you must install patch manager on a ws2012 or w8 server. same applies with lower versions.