3rd Party patch management - Part 8

Hi all,

today we'll set up the CSI and to do this, you will need to run the csi as administrator

once you open, connect using your CSI username/password

if its the 1st time, it will ask you information about the password, recovery, etc...

once its done, you'll be able to scan hosts for vulnerabilities. to do this, just click on successfully scan one host link

select type 2 (all paths) and the ip addresses you want to scan or leave the default to scan the localhost only. click scan

scan will start

you can also check the reports to see the information about the scan on each computer.

Note: CSI can also connect to the SCCM via Software Inventory. in this series of posts i'm not doing this, instead, i'm using CSI built-in scan functionality.

that's it for this post, next one we will connect CSI with SCCM using the CSI plug-in connector.