ConfigMgr 2012 Primary (Child) Site Installation

Hi All,

just a quick blog post...

in the past few days i've been trying to install a primary site (child site) and always failing :(...after a lot of troubleshooting (and help from Microsoft), we discovered what was going on..

1st, let me tell you how i set my lab environment.

1 DC
1 SQL (3 instances, remember that you must use static port on each instance)
1 Primary

After the installation of the CAS using the default settings and using the SQL\INSTANCE01, i started to install the primary using the SQL\INSTANCE02, however, it didn't finish properly...

i tried many times and discovered the following:
The SSB port must be unique (it seens obvious, but when you next->next you don't change it)...

Note that there are post-setup process, as the setup didn't finish with all green checks. This is due a replication and other things. and when this happen, the site will be in read-only mode and a message will be displayed everytime you open the console on the primary site. on my end, it took few hours and depending on the size of your database and networking, it may take longer.

From the documentation, you get:

You Can Finish the Setup Wizard and Open the Configuration Manager Console Before Setup Is Completed

Setup is logically separated into two parts: the core setup and monitoring. After the core setup is complete, the site server continues to be configured in the background while Setup monitors the status of those background tasks. On the Setup Action Status Monitoring page of the Setup Wizard, a list of actions that Setup has to complete and the status of each action are displayed. However, the Next button is enabled before the Setup program finishes, which lets you complete the Setup Wizard and open the Configuration Manager console for a site that is still being configured. This could potentially cause data loss or other unexpected behavior if you make changes on a new primary site before the configuration is completed.

WORKAROUND Before you connect to a new primary site and make changes in the Configuration Manager console, verify that all actions listed on the Setup Action Status Monitoring page are successfully completed. If you close the Setup Wizard, click Monitoring in the Configuration Manager console, click Database Replication, and then verify that database replication is completed for the site. Do not make any changes on the primary site until database replication has completed successfully.

that's it for this...