[Project] ConfigMgrRegistrationRequest

Hi All,

i just published this project on CodePlex (https://configmgrregistratio.codeplex.com/). It is still in pre-beta, but worth to check it out.

Basically, this project will allow you to create Fake Clients, ideal when you need test load, reports, etc...

when you run the tool (as a local Administrator), it will
-          Open a csv file and send request to register a new client to sccm
-          Send a update client id to sccm
-          Request policy
-          Send a ddr message
-          Send hinv

To run: ConfigMgrRegistrationRequest /MPName:<MP Name/IPAddress> /FileName:"<CSV File>" /debug:true

Note that there is a file called HINVTemplate.xml with the HINV information template

the code ignores the 1st line on the csv file as it is only information 


Computer Name

Domain (FQDN)

Domain (Netbios)

AD Site Name

ConfigMgr Site Code

Mac Address



Windows OS Version

ConfigMgr Client Version


When you run, it will create certificates to communicate with the ConfigMgr infrastructure and it will save on the local machine store as following

and if everything works fine, the CM console will look like:

and the resource explorer: