September, 2010


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  • SCCM 2007 Management Point install fails on Windows Server 2008 with “The error code is 800CC801”

    [Informational] We should see more and more installations of the SCCM Management Point on Windows Server 2008 in the business environment, so this information will be of great help to prevent anyone going around in circles wondering why the installing...
  • Google Transparency Report

    [Informational] Just thought I share an interesting piece of information from Google's latest transparency reports. It's up to each one of you to decipher this information his or her own way... :)
  • Is Adobe doing a Microsoft?

    [Informational] Last week, I did up a simple graph detailing the pattern of MS bulletin releases for the year 2010 to date. You can see it here together with the September 2010 MS Security Patches post. This week, I thought it would be interesting...
  • Is my Configmgr Client working?

    I've noticed often in my workplace where support teams constantly uninstall and reinstall Configmgr clients in the faith that it will eventually be installed properly through a stroke of sheer magic, luck or divine intervention. Unfortunately, if...
  • Addressing Packages that do not reach a Distribution Point

    Imagine the scenario where you find yourself waiting longer then usual for a package to reach a Distribution Point. You have tried a refresh, a removal and every other possible action within the Configmgr Console GUI. Yet, the package never reaches and...
  • New Social Engineering Virus Threat discovered

    [Informational] A few days ago on September the 9th, a newly discovered social engineering virus was detected by several anti-virus companies. This has also been reported through various media agencies. The virus spreads through email with the following...
  • Cloud Computing and Windows Intune

    [Informational] This year has seen tremendous growth in the cloud computing arena... HP's particularly been aggresive in acquiring 3PAR and also at this moment have 3 global labs focusing primarily on cloud software platforms, the latest being...
  • September 2010 Security Patches

    [Informational] The special tuesday of the month is around the corner yet again! This month MS plans to release NINE security bulletins for the month of September, a decrease from August's FOURTEEN. These are scheduled to be made available on the...
  • The Configuration Manager 2007 Client Installation and Assignment SuperFlow is now available

    [Informational] This SuperFlow sounds interesting and may be worth checking out especially if you find yourself constantly troubleshooting configmgr clients. Personally I have not fiddled with this yet but will put in some time soon to see its good...
  • origins

    [Informational] My journey with configmgr has spanned half a decade, and it has now brought me 11,000km here to this cold country called the netherlands, where the sun shines just for a while. Most importantly, it created the opportunity to work even...