Cloud Computing and Windows Intune


This year has seen tremendous growth in the cloud computing arena... HP's particularly been aggresive in acquiring 3PAR and also at this moment have 3 global labs focusing primarily on cloud software platforms, the latest being HP Labs Singapore, which was opened in Feb 2010. Read more about what Singapore is developing here. I will make available more information eventually here on the blog as well. Can this be the next BIG thing in the almighty enterprise realm? Then my pal Rob (aka Hammer of Justice) threw this at me which ties in with this entry,

My first impressions of MS Intune is that it will be very handy for organisations to manage and secure their remote offices and also moving, roaming users. Also, the potential for huge cost savings for the infrastructure makes it truely appealing in times like this. I advise anyone interested to read the documentation of the product here on the all almighty Technet. MS is still in the early stages of the product but all the initial signs are pointing to be +ve.

The power of the internet - are we relying too much on it or is this really the future where one day everything will be in the clouds...literally.

Could this signal cloudy skies ahead then? I hold my breathe in great anticipitation.