Happy 25th Birthday Windows [1.0] !


Windows 3.11 was my first Operating System I used way back in 1995 as a kid. Windows to me then was this really cool looking application with nice buttons to point, click, and execute applications through file manager, check my e-mail with Eudora and wait in great anticipation as my favourite star-field stimulation screensaver comes on. Fast forward 15 years and I'm sitting here now with Windows 7, no retro styled file manager, no Eudora and definitely no screensaver gazing. 

On this date 20th Novemeber 1985, a mere 25 years ago, Windows 1.0 was released. Over 30 versions of Windows then followed there after and Microsoft's Operating Systems now dominate the market with a 90% market share. Perhaps it is a shame that I've never experienced Windows 1.0 but I'm sure it brings back memories to many in the industry.

My only experience with Windows 1.0 would only be through this video i found on youtube. Enjoy!


'Windows Paint, A Notepad, a Clock, a Terminal and can you believe it reversi!'