Security Bulletins for December 2010 - and what was 2010's most talk about bulletin?

Continuing with the trend for the entire year 2010, Microsoft has announced that it is slated to release 17 bulletins for the month of December. Another record? Maybe, then again we have seen this year that most of these patches released were reliable and when there was an issue, it was not a direct consequence of applying the patch itself. In my opinion, the bulletin that made the largest headlines for 2010 would be MS10-015 / KB977165. Reported across various international channels, it caused world wide concern initially as many individuals (note not large enterprises) reported that their XP systems started to get abnormal restarts and BSoDs. Eventually, MS determined that existing malware on affected systems had caused this chaos and life went on!  

So, I must say, a good way to end the year 2010, with a bang!