• Wed, Nov 9 2011

    MSFT Rereleases MS11-037 - KB2544893

    It's that tuesday of the month again! 1 key point to note is the reoffering of MS11-037. This rerelease only affects editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, as seen from the following Microsoft link and extract. As a form of best practice, support teams should clean up the old expired XP and Windows 2003 patches that were originally offered in June, since these are now replace on 8th November. The other remaining...
    • Mon, Nov 7 2011

    A run through of the infamous Windows Task Manager

    Hey chaps, I've been silent a long while as a lot of things happened between August and now. Computer failing on me, internet problems at home and travels and holidays and all those madness in getting a new box to replace the failed one. I hope to get back on track with all the exciting CM2012 information we have obtained over the last few weeks with RC1. Also, on another note, we've managed to get Windows...