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  • Blog Post: Microsoft buys Skype

    Here we are, straight from the horse's mouth So, folks here all geared up for the next MS Security Bulletin that will be applicable for Skype? :)
  • Blog Post: Happy 25th Birthday Windows [1.0] !

    [Informational] Windows 3.11 was my first Operating System I used way back in 1995 as a kid. Windows to me then was this really cool looking application with nice buttons to point, click, and execute applications through file manager, check my e-mail with Eudora and wait in great anticipation as my...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Launch Event

    [Informational] Take note of the following times today! Steve Ballmer will be the keynote speaker at the launch in New York together with a concurrent press conference in London as well. Scheduled to last 3 1/2 hours, this event will showcase MS's latest offerings and tie ins with AT&T and...
  • Blog Post: Is Adobe doing a Microsoft?

    [Informational] Last week, I did up a simple graph detailing the pattern of MS bulletin releases for the year 2010 to date. You can see it here together with the September 2010 MS Security Patches post. This week, I thought it would be interesting to see how the MS bulletins relate to that of Adobe's...
  • Blog Post: September 2010 Security Patches

    [Informational] The special tuesday of the month is around the corner yet again! This month MS plans to release NINE security bulletins for the month of September, a decrease from August's FOURTEEN. These are scheduled to be made available on the 14th of September. Microsoft Security Bulletin...