Is my Configmgr Client working?

I've noticed often in my workplace where support teams constantly uninstall and reinstall Configmgr clients in the faith that it will eventually be installed properly through a stroke of sheer magic, luck or divine intervention. Unfortunately, if something is really not right, this usually will not work, and often result in epic failures and a very upset end user or manager, which in turns affects my day at the office. So, let us go through some fundamentals on what happens after a client is installed.

After running the ccmsetup installation and having the Configuration Manager Control Panel applet pop up for the first time, you will first notice in the Actions tab of the properties that there are only 2 actions available - User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle. This will eventually be populated and filled with other actions that completes the client installation. If you do not see the others appearing after a period of time, you know you have a problem.

By understanding the following, you will know how to pinpoint and address these problems without much hassle and I have summarised them below:

  • Prior to a Configmgr client becoming active, it first must get its very first policy from its assigned Management Point. It does this through the first 2 actions that you see in the Actions tab. Once received and processed, it then knows its remaining actions and makes them available.

When this cannot happen, there can be only a few assumptions that we can gather and we can confirm this by yes, looking at the almighty logs again. This time it's the ClientIDManagerStartup.LOG and ClientLocation.LOG. This will tell you if it cannot be assigned to a Management Point or Site, or if it is having network / communication problems which may lead to registration and certificate issues. Really, the issue could be anything like a registration that is failing with the site or a certificate corruption, and these are the logs you look at to determine the cause. This will save you time and make your day with Configmgr easier to pass. :)

Eventually, you should see something like this appearing which means that all is good:

GetCurrentManagementPointEx ClientLocation 16/09/2010 17:22:46 4104 (0x1008)
Current Management Point is ServerABC with version 6487 and capabilities: <Capabilities SchemaVersion="1.0">
</Capabilities>. ClientLocation 16/09/2010 17:22:46 4104 (0x1008)

Also, just today as well, Rob - Hammer of Justice shared with me that SMS Certificates on a local computer...lasts for a Hundred years!!!  




  • Great post Lionel and welcome to WMUG

  • Another tip to throw in here is that if your site is not set to automatically approve a clients registration, it will show in these logs ... sometimes a site is put up and incorrectly configured, the automatically approve property for the site is not ticked, and people scratch their heads in bewilderment, do so no more!

    Awesome post OrientalCrusher!

    I've seen a certificate with far longer than 100 years listed on its Expiration date, I'll blog that later :-)