Using SCCM to manage clients in a workgroup or untrusted domain (DMZ etc..)

Many people do struggle a little (maybe!) when coming to configuring and managing SCCM clients in a workgroup, DMZ, untrusted domain. Many big words, jargons are thrown around, LMHosts, Registry keys, SRV records, DNS Suffixes and the list goes on!!

Found this extremely useful if you need to obtain and find out more information... The what ifs and know hows, limitations, considerations and requirements, sums it up up nicely in one place.

Credits to Clifton Hughes for getting this done. 5 stars!

  • I meant to ask Lionel, what is SCCM? ;-)

  • Actually, I think I was not myself while doing the title :) I've been brainwahsed to keep using those 4 letters to abbrev. the product ;)

  • I know ! It's those fiends you work with !

    CM07, ConfigMgr (my personal fav), ConfigMgr 2007, ConfigMgr 07, can't go wrong with those four and it means when people search the internet they don't have to do two searches ... think about it, content called SCCM and content called ConfigMgr ... I said a few weeks back that a collegue searched for ages on something and it took me 0.4 seconds (according to google lollies!) to find the technet document he couldn't! SCCM suckers!

    Nice one Mr Oh